Monday, May 29, 2017

Social Connect with Ahad Raza Mir

By: Hamza Shafique

Today for Social Connect we have Hum TV network’s drama ‘Sammi’ famed, long haired handsome actor Ahad Raza Mir. Ahad Raza Mir is the son of veteran Actor Asif Raza Mir and has not only inherited his Father’s good looks but acting talent as well. With his second drama serial already on air, he displays all the signs of a future super star. Here is DDR’s usual 5 questions interview.

How does Social Connect works? We try to get in touch with Celebs on their official social media pages and ask them for a 5 questions interview. If we get a positive reply, then we ask for an official email address to make sure we are in touch with the right person. Rest of the interview and correspondence is purely on mail to stay true to the theme of the segment. For Ahad Raza Mir I simply went with his Instagram account.
DDR (Dubai Desi Reviews)

Cast of drama serial Sammi
DDR 1-We know you as son of famous Film & TV personality Asif Raza Mir and as the hero of Sammi but who is real Ahad? Tell us a little bit about your journey to where you are now.

Ahad- The real Ahad? I guess this a question that we ask ourselves a lot. I know I ask myself every day. But rather than me getting philosophical I'll keep it simple! Ahad is a very simple guy who loves to play the guitar, cook, watch movies and travel. My journey doesn't actually start with me, it starts with a man named Raza Mir who was a Pakistani film producer and camera man, the journey further continues with the man people call Asif Raza Mir who has given over 50 years of his life to this industry. So, although I have had a passion for this work for many many years, my journey began with these two amazing men. I also worked hard to be part of this journey. This legacy. I went to the University Of Calgary where I received my Bfa in Drama and worked professionally for many years before moving back to Pakistan. 

DDR 2-I have got to know through your Instagram that you have done musical shows in Calgary, so tell us how different is working in Canada on theater to working on a prime TV network in Pakistan. How is your experience so far?

Ahad-Theatre is my first love. But my goal has always been Film and Tv. The opportunities that Canada has given me, really allowed me to grow and explore myself as an artist. An actor. A director. A writer. A producer. The city of Calgary is a remarkable place, and a place I call home. Working there is amazing. The scale of the shows, the actors and directors and the passion and commitment is amazing. Im lucky enough to be part of the Canadian theatre community and now am very fortunate to be accepted into a new community. Working in Pakistan has been amazing. I felt welcomed. I felt challenged. I felt excited and I felt scared. The scale is very different. In Canada I performed for large crowds and having the audience there would give me such energy. The theatre is the only place where you know the response to your work right away, and though when filming there is no audience, the scale of the audience is different. Performing is also very different. Having to adapt to the screen was something I had to quickly learn. But the discipline of work that I learnt in Canada I hope shows in my work.

Ahad with his father Asif Raza Mir

DDR 3-Tell us how did you become part of Sammi? We always hear a lot about nepotism in show biz industry. How helpful was it to be Asif Raza Mir’s Son? How was the reaction and feedback of general public about your performance in Sammi.

Ahad- Firstly I want to say that yes I am Asif Raza Mir's son. I wear that title with a lot of pride. I look up to my father. On the other hand, I am Ahad Raza Mir. Ahad Raza Mir who has had a passion for this work for years. Who worked hard to be where he is. My father has had no part in the work I have received. I went through proper auditions and much of the credit goes to producer Momina Duraid who followed my career and saw something in me to give me these roles. I am here because I love the work.
Sammi actually came as a surprise. I was shooting for my serial Yaqeen Ka Safar and I got a call asking if I'd like to play the part of Salaar and after reading the script I said yes. I am shocked by the love and great feedback I have received and quite frankly I am relieved that people have enjoyed the performance. But I know I still need to work even harder.

Ahad with Sania Saeed from Drama Sammi

DDR 4-This is a question that I always ask an actor. As an actor, how hard is it to be someone else in front of camera and be your true self off camera?

Ahad- I think the key to acting is honesty. What I mean by this is that regardless of the character you are playing it will always have your own specific touch to it. If what Im saying as a character feels honest to me as Ahad it should hopefully read honest to the viewer. Sometimes being on set and staying in character can be challenging because at the end of the shoot the actor needs to step back into his/her own shoes. But I think in this line of work you need to have some kind of an on off button or a way to settle back into yourself.

DDR 5-Tell us about your future projects? Where can we see more of you? Any plans for the big screen?
Ahad- My future projects include Parwaaz Hai Junoon directed by Haseeb Hassan. Im also going to shooting another film in the coming months. Lastly my father and I are going to be working on a film. Right now, I may have made my exit from Sammi, but you can see me in Yaqeen Ka Safar on hum tv. It also features the amazing Sajal and a lot of amazing performances.

Ahad at Hum TV awards
DDR-In the end, I would like to thank you for your positive response on social media and taking out time for our request for Social Connect Segment.

Ahad-Thanks for this Hamza. Take care.


  1. asif raza mir was my fav actor and still but he do'nt work in dramas now. ''tanhaiaan'' was my fav serial or asif raza. now ahad is my fav too like his papa. ''yaqeen ka safar'' me bht good acting h ahad ki,,i like him

  2. Amazinggg. Love your blogs and style. Keep up the good work!!!