Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ho Mann Jahan - Movie Review

Desi Rating : 4/5 stars
  • Mahira Khan as Manizeh
  • Adeel Hussain as Nadir
  • Sheheryar Munawar as Arhan
  • Sonya Jehan as Sabina
  • Bushra Ansari
  • Arshad Mahmud
  • Nimra Bucha as Shahida
  • Jamal Shah
  • Ahmed Ali Akbar
    A very refreshing intellectual movie, The kind of movies Lollywood is producing these days is very inspiring.
    This movie starts as a story of 3 friends straight out of university and their struggle with reality, priorities, relationships and passion. The theme is offcourse not new and has been explored in many different films like dil chahta hai , zindagi na mile gi dobara etc . Whats new in this film is that the story has been told from every perspective not only from the friends perspective but from the perspective of everyone associated with them.
    I will not say much about the story but Its a story of 3 different individuals with different backgrounds connected through their passion of music where one sacrifice passion for love and other sacrifice love for passion.
    very well written script and dialogues. Screenplay and editing gets confusing somewhere in the middle but it all comes together in the end.
    Pakistani movie has a feel of TV dramas which is obvious all the new guys coming in to film industry are transitioning from TV industry. As Bin Roye was a full on Hum tv drama and Yeh jawani phir nahin ani was a full on commercial film ,with this movie I guess the makers have achieved the right balance between a drama and a commercial film .
    Music is based on the hit formula of coke studio and songs are all picturized and placed in the movie perfectly. As soon as the audience sort of start losing interest the right situation/song glues you back to the film. Shakkar Wandan Re has all the potential to rock the Pakistani Wedding Season.
    Acting is superb all the actors have done justice to their characters. Especially it was really nice to see Bushra Ansari in a different role rather than typical saima chaudhry type of mother. Sonya Jahan looked amazingly pretty. Infact every one in the movie looked great good job with makeup and constume.
    Direction is also very neat, With better editing this movie could have achieved a higher class of cinema.
    Overall production is of international standards as well.
    For me it is a very intellectual yet entertaining film which will not teach you what is wrong or right but will teach how to create balance among all the right and wrongs we see around us.
    By the way have I mentioned little surprises that keep popping through out the movie.
    A must watch for all the mature audience.

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