Sunday, August 5, 2018

Social Connect with Sana Fakhar

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Sana Fakhar or popularly known as Sana, is Pakistan's prominent leading lady from showbiz industry. With career spanning over 2 decades, from mainstream film actress to TV industry’s household name, she has many achievements under her name. I am very fortunate that she agreed to be part of Social Connect segment, here is our usual 5 questions short interview
How does Social Connect works? I try to get in touch with Celebs on their official social media pages and ask them for a 5 questions interview. If reply is positive, then I ask for an official email address to make sure we are in touch with the right person. Rest of the interview and correspondence is purely on mail to stay true to the theme of the segment.
For Sana I simply went with her Instagram account and later interview was done through WhatsApp. I really want to thank Sana for taking out time for us even though she was busy with Hum Awards in Canada and congratulations on winning Best Supporting Actor Hum Award.

Q1: You were first introduced in 1997 and now 21 years have passed. What is the difference between Sana of Sangam and Sana of Rangreza. Tell us a little bit about your journey.

Sana: I don’t think the way most people think. Now Sana is very confident and focused compared to when I started. I have learned from my past experiences and quite happy with what I have. Alhamdulilah, God has given me a life which people dream for. I feel blessed

Q2: You have been the leading lady of films and have also done illustrious roles as Nigar Begum in recent drama hits. You have done it all and have done remarkably, is there still something like a role or project that you would like to do? Also, who inspires you any favorite personality?

Sana: You can’t get enough of it even with all of my career. There is a lot more that I actually want to do, or I think I should do. Personally, I would love to do an action movie. Unfortunately, It is really hard to find this sort of script. But I believe no one can do better than me in action so far, so Tomb Raider wala character chaeay (need a character like Tomb Raider). My favorite personalities are Bushra Ansari and Angelina Jolie.

Q3: You are a Mom, fitness enthusiast, a successful actor and you travel a lot for work also. How do you balance it all and that too so beautifully? What's the secret to maintaining balance between professional and family life?

Sana: Thank you for the compliment. It's all about balance game, when it comes to managing work and home. My logic is that excess of everything is bad and this helps me maintain the balance as you see it.

Q4: We get to experience your fabulous life through social media whether its spending time with your kids or burning calories in gym, you post a lot on social media. What do you think about social media, how important it is in today's world as a showbiz personality?

Sana: Social media is like an awareness program in terms of every aspect of life but unfortunately some people use it in wrong way. Now a day everything is run by social media. It is so important these days that no media can exist without social media.

Q5: What's next for Sana? Where will we see you next? Any exciting projects in the pipeline.

Sana: Yes, you will definitely see me in the new age cinema and I also have a lot of tv projects. I’m not leaving showbiz any time and will work till my last breath.

Hamza:In the end I would like to Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule for us.

Sana: Thank you so much for having me.