Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Pepsi Battle of the Bands - Season 3 Episode 5 Review

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Episode 5 was all about patriotism, but I only felt it from two bands Xarb and Bayaan, rest were just not Mili Naghma material. My mind simply fails to comprehend why Judges love Tamasha, no doubt Tamasha’s musicians have a class but their vocalist has terrible accent to his singing. His vocal technique and animation works superbly sometimes like it did in Roshni and Sajna but for “Is parcham kay say talay” failed miserably along with the composition. Tamasha’s only plus point is how well their musicians play but without impressive vocals I don’t see much future for them at least in my play list.

My top 3 from the night are:

Yeh Watan by Bayaan:

Finally, a song where we can enjoy the voice quality of the vocalist, also the whole composition was very well thought through. I believe Bayan was the only band that seemed to have worked on the composition to bring something new while keeping the original patriotic feelings intact.

Sohni Dharti by Xarb:

Xarb was sent to bottom two knockout round for the first time, which was unjust in my opinion. They decided to cover “Sohni Dharti” which is every Pakistanis all-time favorite song and to do justice to this one is very hard. But Xarb did it, I loved how they used their second vocalist and created an environment using different layers of voice qualities they have in the band. Yet another soulful song with the feel intact and the ghunghroo play was pleasing too in this one. I also found out that they had only 20 minutes to prepare this one so considering this, it was amazingly genius.

Tu Hai Kahan by Pindi Boys:

Pindi boys along with all the lead vocalist of participating bands opened the episode with Tu Hai Kahan and it couldn’t be any perfect. Every vocalist was used to their potential and song was shared among all the singer very well. I even enjoyed Tamasha’s vocalist which is a rare thing.


Even though there wasn’t any elimination, Judges still let the bottom two go in to knockout round. But Judges to pick Tamasha over Xarb literally annoyed me. I really started to wonder after a Himesh Reshamya type vocal performance how came they select Tamasha over soulful melody of Saeen Ghunghroo. But anyway, I am glad it went that way otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten a gem like “Sohni Dharti”. I really wanted to be fair with Tamasha, so I checked comments on their YouTube upload on Pepsi Pakistan account to validate my thoughts and comments from general public assured that I am not alone in my feelings toward Tamasha. Some of the comments were really funny, so decided to share here:

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