Friday, August 10, 2018

Pepsi Battle of the Bands - Season 3 Episode 4 Review

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Episode 4 of Pepsi Battle of the Band was packed with usual entertaining elements, Music was good, band members looked dapper, Hosts were fun, Judges made sense and elimination was justified. What stood out to me was the improved fashion sense and swagger of the participants, whether it was Xarb’s lead vocalist beating ghunghroo casually on his chest or Tamasha’s vocalist having metallic cones on the shoulder or Kaghaz’s leading lady supporting a bold nose ring. It all looked very sleek and perfect.
My Top 3 of the night:

Roshni by Tamasha:

I am not a huge fan of Tamasha’s animated vocals, but this band really does know how to play all the elements well together. The whole composition stood out with all the individual elements. Loved the guitar and mouth organ play in the song and vocal technique also reminded me of bands like ‘Maroon 5’. It was one fun memorable performance and hence on no.1 position for me.

Deewar by Xarb:

These guys need to make some lighter bright sound but Deewar with all its mature serious tone and lyrics was a hard-hitting composition. I enjoyed the drum play along the vocals by Saeen Ghunghroo (their lead vocalist as named by Judges)

Mein Bolun by 21 The Band:

Taare is still my favorite from the band but Main Bolo was pleasing too. This band is definitely Noori’s incarnation as pointed out by the judges. They make the right kind of light music I desperately miss these days from Pakistan music scene.


Elimination was justified, Déjà vu was offbeat and the song that they played in the knock out also lacked energy showing that mentally they had lost it by that time. The human trumpet was a surprise and in tune in previous episode but here it felt like they were just trying to cash on it regardless of the requirement of the song they were playing. Whereas Kaghaz appeared very wanna be sort, which was kind a sad. I understand dark grim sound appears more mature and cool but not always pleasing. I wish all new upcoming bands learn to make happy tunes in this Naya Pakistan.

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