Monday, March 28, 2016

Batman vs Superman - Dawn of Justice (movie review)

Desi Rating : 2/5 
Directed by : Zack Snyder
Produced by:Charles Roven/Deborah Snyder
Written by: Chris Terrio/David S. Goyer
Ben Affleck as Bat Man
Henry Cavill as Super Man
Amy Adams as lois lane
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luther
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
I usually review a movie in a structured way starting from story to acting to production but for this movie I think I can only review as a really disappointed fan.  I grew up around Batman, Superman and Spiderman. In 90s there was no Captain America , Iron Man, X men in the part of the world I belonged to and that's why to see your favorite characters not up to the level they deserve hurts.  
I entered cinema expecting same great story line with twists and turns, some amazing production/CGI, epic action and above all some entertainment. I did get some bits and pieces of things here and there but may be I had really high expectations from the movie.
One cannot categorize this movie as a super hero movie, it felt more like a drama film. I still don't understand why the DC movies lack the spark and excitement that Marvel movies create. Batman and Super Man are two most iconic characters, they are already  way more interesting & intense with a lot more to offer compared to Captain America or Iron Man, yet compared to Avengers this movie seemed like a kids school play.
Story line doesn't make sense. Movies starts with political drama regarding what to do with Superman which for some reason is lost during second half, then we have batman whose story gets so confusing between reality & dreams that one cannot develop the connection with the character. Lex Luther character is not evolved as a villain should I never understood what is his feud with Superman or Batman. Lois lane is really not required in this movie. Story line is all over the place, how on earth can having a common mother's name change u in a split second from foe to friends.
Then there are dream sequences. Both superman and batman for most part of the movie were having dreams which I didn't understand at all. Editing is so poor that I couldn't connect one scene from the other at times.

The fight in the end gets exciting only when wonder women joins them , who by the way is completely wasted in this film. Fight between Superman and Batman which was suppose to be the peak of the movie is so bland that I almost slept in that part.
Second problem I had with the film was continuous night and rain. the whole film is so dark and dull that I never actually understood what's happening especially during the action sequences.
We also have a very lame introduction to the justice league close to end as well by this point I was dead with disappointment.
After watching this one I believe when it come to entertainment  we should stick to Marvel world only and leave this one for hard core nerds and fans who would really understand the drama, darkness and action that this movie has to offer.


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