Friday, March 23, 2018

Hichki-Movie Review (3.5/5 Stars)

Review by: Danish Lakdawalaa

As soon as the movie begins, there is a lot of positivity thrown at the audience. Director Sidharth P Malhotra handled the subject very well keeping a realistic tone. Elements of Tourette’s syndrome along with perils of education system have been handled very well, even complex situations looked simpler/realistic on screen

I love how the backdrop of each character has been narrated. Coming to performances, Rani Mukerji is the life and soul of the film. She's absolutely natural and believable without sounding funny or being over the top. The way she shouts, screams, cries, smiles or makes those ticks- we are with her. Her character is well sketched. The confidence that she infuses along with Tourette’s syndrome is a must watch. Sachin and Supriya Pilgaonkar are absolutely amazing. Talking about the students, Harsh (as Atish) shines and does a commendable job even at emotional scenes. Others do a good job too. The principal and teachers are also ok with in their given scope. This film has a perfect ensemble of characters but still it’s a Rani spectacular. She gets to show all here , from slow motion walk scenes to moments of intense emotional drama. The film is an emotional roller coaster, extremely heartwarming. Few scenes literally got me teary eyed but overall tone of the film is joyful. First half of the film is relatively slow but picks up later especially in the second half. Music is good and goes with the flow, it's motivational and raises the tempo. Dialogues are crisp. Run time of 1hr and 58 minutes is just perfect. My only issue is that it got a bit predictable at the end but that's about it. I go with 3.5 stars and highly recommend it

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