Saturday, May 11, 2019

Brightburn - movie review(3.5/5 Stars)

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

What an interesting take on the classic tale of Superman. An alien boy raised by Human Parents who then finally becomes mankind savior, here basic plot elements are kind a same as we have already seen in trailers but there is a twist, our little boy in red cape is no mankind savior in fact he is here to take over the world.

Screenplay is simple, to the point and doesn’t drag. A couple who is unable to conceive one day finds a mysterious space shuttle landing having a baby boy inside, considering it a blessing they adopt him.
As the boy nears puberty, his true evil colors start to show. He realizes his powerful superior nature and then what follows is a series of events that document the terror and horror this little evil superior being causes. The idea that our blue and red super hero could have been evil like this little guy in red cape keeps the interest alive throughout and that is the unique selling point of this film. 

Character of Jackson A. Dunn as Brandon Breyer, the evil alien boy is setup so well that there are moments of pure terror caused by his mere presence on screen. Elizabeth Banks as Tori Breyer and David Denman as Kyle Breyer, the parents who are trying to cope with this unique boy of their , are convincing in their portrayal and their roles are written well as well so as an audience you understand why they react in a certain way to a situation on screen.

There are many gruesome moments and a lot of blood is on display here as well, which can make one very uncomfortable but that is why Its rated 15+ also . This makes it even more authentic and as an audience u get the intensity to the max. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, characters and was constantly jumping in my seat, which is a good sign for a horror movie. If you think you can handle eyes being pierced and blood being spilled all over then this movie from this very new genre of super hero or I must say super villain horror is a must watch. I go with 3.5 stars.

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