Sunday, January 26, 2020

Panga - Movie Review

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

After a long time, I have seen a complete Indian film. Panga is a masterclass in film making. Screenplay flows smoothly, characters are written well, and nothing seems unnecessary or extra. Characters are relatable, set in the most realistic surroundings with the most natural interactions among them and are performed to perfection. The range Kangana shows as an actor is impressive and it's not only Kangana everyone else has done an impeccable job.

This is one of the most well written scripts have seen recently. Screenplay is properly paced and presents an ordinary story about real people with relatable problems in a balanced manner. It’s a sports drama about a Kabaddi player who leaves her shining career at her prime to be a mom and now after 10 years she is trying to make a comeback after push from her son. Considering the premise, this is exactly how I believe a comeback by 32-year-old mother who is away from sport for 10 years, would be possible. This is the beauty of Panga, its relatable. All the characters are humans with flaws, no one is ideal, not even the protagonist is perfect. She has passion for the sport but at the same time she is finding it hard to leave her son behind. So, struggle is not to get fit and be back in sport but there is an equal internal struggle to manage her feelings as mother. Same goes for the husband, he is supportive, yet he is not trained to run the household. Nitesh Tiwari’s writing captures all these characters and their emotions superbly and Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari as director chose a very realistic way of storytelling which portrays the soul of the story perfectly on big screen.

Kangana is an artist on top of her craft. They way she portrays Jaya Nigam on screen is so convincing that not even once you see Kangana in her. She deserves all the awards for this role. But she is not the only stunner here Richa Chadda, Jassi Gill and even Neena Gupta in her small role, all are equally memorable. For that a lot of credit goes to writing along with the performances.
There are many little details throughout that make Panga a very realistic experience, for example there is a scene where Kangana and Jassi are in a conversation and in the back ground there is a mosque. For a brief moment during their conversation, you hear soft Azaan making you feel like you are actually there.

Toward the end I was completely under the spell of Panga, the film controlled my emotions, a true example of superior film making. Overall a very well made, written and performed film. Panga is one such movie, that will make you want to revisit your long-lost dreams. It’s a must watch.

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