Saturday, July 30, 2016

Dishoom - Movie Review

Desi Rating: 1/5

Directed by:     Rohit Dhawan
Produced by:   Sajid Nadiadwala
                           Sunil A Lulla
Written by:       Hussain Dalal
Screenplay by: Rohit Dhawan
                           Tushar Hiranandani
Story by:           Rohit Dhawan
Starring:           John Abraham
                          Varun Dhawan
                          Akshaye Khanna
                          Jacqueline Fernandez

If you can leave your brain home then this might please you a little. I am not against brainless action comedy as long as they have and I quote Vidya Balan from The Dirty Picture “Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment”, unfortunately this movie has nothing much to offer.

This movie will especially irritate those who live in UAE, my mind was not accepting the fact that an Indian (or matter of fact any one) can point a gun to an Emirati Officer without any consequences or the bike chase inside Ferrari world (where was the park security or where did they get the bikes or ATV in the first place).

Script is illogical to the extent that it starts to insult ones intellect. There is no character building at all. Plot is predictable. Dialogues are neither witty nor memorable. I still don’t understand why on earth writers would think it will be hilarious to include already exhaustedly repeated old jokes like ‘ap kee picture daikhi hamain pasand nahin aee’. Also that Abuddin sequence, what were writers thinking and especially who designed those awfull shalwar kameez suits.
As far as acting is concerned we should never expect much from John and Jaqueline, they fit well in to the outlines of roles and that should be enough. The only saving grace in this department is Varun and his perfect comic timings.

If anyone need to learn how to create ridiculously flat boring action sequences with all the right ingredients they should watch this film. I mean to say we have helicopters, sky scrapers, yachts, desert, fully muscled heroes and all sorts of fancy cars, yet what we get is 1 helicopter and car chase in the end.
This movie does have some funny moments like Akshay Kumar's Cameo but they are not enough to save the film. With a buddy cop formula where one is rough/tuff and other is ineffective/silly coupled with mediocre action sequences, forced item number and some acceptable comic moments, this film feels like a sloppy remake of even sloppier film Dhoom (even the name Dishoom seems inspired from it)

I go with 1 desi star only for Varun's comic timing and Akshay Kumar’s cameo as they helped me last through the film. 

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