Tuesday, August 16, 2016

A Flying Jatt - Trailer Review

Story and Directed by Remo D’Souza, Produced by Ekta Kapoor and Starring Tiger Shroff opposite Jacqueline Fernandez
While randomly skipping through TV channels I stumbled upon a romantic song from A Flying Jatt and from the first look of it I was quite skeptical, I didn’t like the costume outlook and the whole repeated flying with the lady choreography of the song and cherry on the top was finding so many physics error while blue masked hero is showing of his flying skills.

Well who ever felt the same should see the full trailer on YouTube, link below:

Surprisingly I liked the trailer, in the trailer you can see a clumsy super hero with a regular demanding over the top Punjabi mom and with this everything from the suit to physics error becomes acceptable. In the time where Hollywood is pouring super hero movies in the cinema by dozen and all are usually serious films with heavy agendas, this comedy super hero action film could give cinema goers a refreshing experience.
Over all look and feel of the villain and action sequence is interesting as well, especially the glimpse of underwater action that we see in trailer, I still have some concern regarding graphics but it’s a Bollywood movie and is intended as a comedy super hero film so that shouldn’t be a big issue.
For trailer instead of stars I will give recommendations if one should go for this movie or not and green color will highlight the recommendation.

Can't wait for it to be released
Feels interesting should go for it
Only if you have no other options
Suggested not to waste your money
Run away from the cinema

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