Monday, August 29, 2016

Suicide Squad - Movie Review

Desi Rating: 2.5/5

Written & Directed by David Ayer
Produced by Charles Roven/Richard Suckle
Will Smith
Jared Leto
Margot Robbie
Joel Kinnaman
Viola Davis
Jai Courtney
Jay Hernandez
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Ike Barinholtz
Scot Eastwood
Cara Delevingne

Suicide Squad is about a US special agent (I don't know which agency she belonged to) trying to form a team of super individuals to fight against potential super villains. This team is sent on a rescue mission turned into save the world extravaganza against pre historic enchantress.
I am not familiar with comic book world of Suicide Squad so I purely went to cinema for super villain turned hero concept.
This installment from DC comic universe turned out to be an average film, it was neither boring like Batman vs. Superman nor great as Civil War. Problem with such movies is that there is so much hype around them that expectation bar becomes skyrocketing.
This film lacked basic elements. Most of the villains had no super power they were simply crazy which for me at least not a qualification befitting the concept. Script lacked creativity, if you remember the justice league introduction sequence from Batman vs. Superman, here introduction was similarly bland. Character development , back stories, motivation to join the squad etc. all basic stuff was missing. We can still live with this if the action sequences and rest of script made sense but heavily disappointed here as well. Most of the characters simply felt useless as I couldn't establish any connection with the characters. As far as action is concerned I wonder what will it take for DC comics to have them during the day or in some light so that we can actually see/appreciate what is happening.

Heavily advertised Joker's character was a complete dud, I know he was required to keep the plot moving but would have preferred if his role was written with some mystery. Same goes for the most obvious and uninventive Batman and Flash cameos.
There were some good elements as well. I loved the evil brother sister duo of enchantress and incubus. They were grand and easily made Suicide Squad look weak and less evil. Margot Robbie and Will Smith as Harley Quinn and Deadshot have done great job portraying the only well written roles in the movie and provide much needed comic relief throughout. For once this DC installment has good pace and doesn't drag at all. The surprise element connected to El Diablo in final stand off was impressive ,I wish it had more prominence graphically as well.
I know like any DC film, despite of negative reviews it will still do record breaking business so for next installments of this franchise, I will suggest makers to spend some more writing time into creative introduction/development of already super cool / loved characters and add a little light when the action is happening for people like me. I go with 2.5 stars

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