Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Jagga Jasoos - Movie Review (3/5 stars)

By : Suhinth Mohan

Disney's Jagga Jasoos is a musical journey of a self-taught detective who is in search for his father, after his mysterious disappearance. Story is very weak but Anurag Basu’s storytelling is unique and new, which may or may not appeal to all.

Jagga Jasoos is like a Hollywood musical, which is very different compared to Bollywood musical. In Hollywood musicals, discussions and whole scenes at times happen through just songs and this could be very jarring to some. But I know there is an audience for such cinema and like me, if you like such movies then this is the movie for you.
Ranbir Kapoor brings back his usual lovely charm again after Barfi. His performance in this movie re enforce the fact that he is the most superior actor of this generation. Female lead Katrina Kaif has also managed to stay afloat with equally weighted performance. She has a very lovable on screen presence here.
Cinematography and the music are the two-major highlight of this film and help cover screenplay flaws. Ravi Varman and Pritam have done an excellent job. Particularly the village, the train and flight chasing scenes are done wonderfully. Every song is interesting/ different and choreography elevates the visual experience, making them even more enjoyable.

In a way, I can call it as the LaLaLand of Bollywood. There is so much to like here but I will be honest, this movie has its flaws. There were some VFX issues and few scenes were also very slow moving, but Ranbir’s honest performance, Anurag’s refreshing storytelling, Pritam’s pleasant rhythms and Ravi Varman’s stunning cinematography keeps you going.
If you are into pure musicals and enjoy performances/craftsmanship more than the screenplay, then this movie for you. Jagga Jasoos gets a thumbs up from me, I go with 3 stars.

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