Saturday, July 22, 2017

Social Connect with Prit Kamani

By: Hamza Shafique

Recently I came across this YouTube channel called Jumbo Jutts. I really enjoyed their songs which were literal translations of their English versions (a very innovative Idea). Super hilarious and fun especially ‘Gehrai mein lotpot’ (Rolling in the Deep). I am always looking for fun people to connect to and Prit Kamani from Jumbo Jutts is a perfect fit.

Taarukh Raina and Prit Kamani

How does Social Connect works? I try to get in touch with Celebs on their official social media pages and ask them for a 5 questions interview. If we get a positive reply, then we ask for an official email address to make sure we are in touch with the right person. Rest of the interview and correspondence is purely on mail to stay true to the theme of the segment. For Prit Kamani I simply went with his Instagram account that was tagged by verified Star Plus TV network account.

Prit Kamani is multi-talented. He is an actor, dancer and singer. Apart from YouTube channel, you may have seen him in many TV commercials or on Star Plus (Indian channel) hosting a show with his Jumbo Jutts buddy. His Instagram also has 5 digit followers where he posts fun stuff too. Here is our usual 5 questions interview.

Prit Kamani's Instagram account:

Jumbo Jutts' YouTube Channel:

DDR: Dubai Desi Reviews

DDR- Tell us a little bit about your journey to where you are now, how it all started? were you clear from the very beginning that you wanted to be in entertainment industry? Who is the real Prit Kamani?

Prit: It all started when my father first noticed me spending hours in front of the mirror. My problem was that when I saw a movie, I would become the protagonist for the next few days. For example if I saw Sholay, I would behave like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for the entire week, I wouldn't respond unless people called me by his name. Singing and dancing comes naturally to me. Yes it was quite clear that I want to become a star, and I am working towards it. The real Prit is a traveler. I love traveling, nature photography, music. Apart from being a successful actor I also want to be the nicest human being.

Prit Kamani with Shahrukh Khan on the sets of Star Plus talent show "Dil Hai Hindustani"

DDR- You are very young only 22 I believe, at young age people are very impressionable tell us about what or who inspires you? Any role models you have in the industry?

Prit: No one particular actor inspire me, good work inspires me. I love most Amir Khan's work 3 idiots, PK and Rabir Kapoor from Rockstar, Wake up Sid and Barfi. But the way Shahrukh Khan lives his life, that inspires me a lot.

Prit Kamani with his Jumbo Jutts partner Taaruk Raina

DDR-Tell us about Jumbo Jutts, how it happened? I see you guys haven’t posted anything new in a while for now. So, what is the future planned for Jumbo Jutts?

Prit: Jumbo Jutts is a Y-films project about a two piece band that brings music and comedy together. We didn't want to be repetitive, we were waiting to come up with a better idea.. We have some fun content lined up, and we will post it soon.

DDR-Tell us about any memorable project that you have done so far and why is it so memorable? It could be any project from Ads, YouTube, TV Hosting etc.

Prit: Its definitely the Tatasky's daily recharge campaign. It's the biggest ad campaign in the history of adfilms in India. It was a 13 ad series of a love story based in Kashmir. I was fortunate to play the protagonist. Directed by Amit Sharma and the creative agency was Ogilvy. It was really special because I always wanted to be a lover boy and a hero of a love story. Although it wasn't a movie, but it was shot like one. Also it was shot in the beautiful locations of Gulmarg, Kashmir.

DDR comment- Tatasky's daily recharge campaign is definitely the sweetest love story you will find in any ad campaign , check video below:

DDR- Any future projects, where can we see more of you?

Prit: I have been doing a lot of commercials in India, now I intend to filter my work. I get offered a lot of projects but it is important for me to take up the right one. Need more blessings and love, to reach where I wish to.

DDR- Thanks Prit for the email interview, best of luck and blessings for the future.
Prit: Thanks and Goodluck to you to.

Prit sure knows how to say goodbye in style ;)


  1. Well said preet. You are realy a rising star of india.

  2. Well said preet. You are realy a rising star of india.

  3. Preet I have seen some of your work .... and your are really really good .... this is just the start of a long n beautiful journey

  4. Manishruparelia07@yahoo.comJuly 23, 2017 at 11:34 PM

    Preet very well-done keep it up.

  5. Very cool interview, all answers directly DILSE. Well done �� and best Luck ��