Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Terminator 2 : Judgment Day 3D - HE IS BACK

By: Hamza Shafique

Terminator 2 is a classic and it’s one of my favorite movie. As far as I can remember my childhood, my very first action figure toy was a terminator, I still remember the half-damaged face with steel skull shown. It’s one of those movies where I know each scene from A to Z, every moment of the film is in mind engraved and feels like part of my own personal memories. So, I got super excited when I got the invite from Novo Cinemas for a special fan screening of Terminator 2 re-mastered in 3D by James Cameron.

This is a classic and literally everyone has seen it and loved it. So, there is no point to do a usual review. I will try to focus on the overall experience. I have never seen T2 in cinema before so that was a first for me and I super enjoyed it. Overall experience was very nostalgic, old cars, technology that now seems primitive and real hardcore CGI free action. Linda Hamilton’s performance appeared much more enhanced, especially the scene in the hospital where she sees terminator for the first time was very impactful. The fear in her eyes that was evident in that scene stayed with me even after the film. Another thing that I noticed this time was how James Cameron has relied simply on screen presence of the principal cast and on basic elements to enhance the style quotient of the movie, like a leather jacket, sunglasses or a heavy bike. And these small scale simple elements clubbed with star’s screen presence appeared equally cooler/grand compared to today’s large scale CGI loaded highly stylized movies. 

One thing I expected, when I heard its being re-mastered is that they might do few CGI elements with latest technology but that’s not the case. Also, I don’t think every movie is meant for 3D, and this one such movie. Being in 3D doesn’t add anything to the movie as I expected, in fact most of the scenes were not even in 3D (I kept checking by removing my 3D glasses). But watching in 3D shouldn’t be the main driving force to get to the cinema for this one. To experience the spectacular that T2 is on big screen is more than enough to head to cinema. 

I really had good time, the whole experience was fun and nostalgic. Highly recommend for same reason, its releasing tomorrow across UAE check it out.

Thank you Novo Cinemas for always remembering us and inviting us to their events

Weird Fact : I take T2 as my childhood classic entertainer along with Home Alone, Jumanji, Baby’s day out etc. but now I noticed its rated 18+ here , I wonder what changed in all these years or may be my parents never cared about rating.

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