Monday, October 23, 2017

Trailer Reviews- Verna/Padmawati/Tumhari Sulu

By Hamza Shafique

There were two much awaited trailers released last week but the trailer that got my attention was not one of them.


Shoaib Mansoor is a big name in Pakistan. From the Iconic Dil Dil Pakistan Song to heart wrenching movie Bol, whatever he puts his hand into, it becomes a classic instantly. His movies Khuda Kay Lyay acted as the first drop of rain for Pakistani cinema revival and Bol took Pakistani Cinema to next level when it stayed for a week as the second highest grosser after a Salman starrer big budget commercial film. So, when I heard he has paired up with another big name like Mahira Khan I got excited. Till now we have a teaser, a song and a trailer out now and to be honest I am not impressed. For the very first time his work looks low budget and amateur, even Mahira Khan appears pretentious at times. Even the teaser where she is seen beating up a Man in a bath tub is ruined because of the poor Rap which plays at the back ground. Apart from it being dull it sounds low quality studio work, even you tubers have better mixing these days. The male lead lacks on screen charisma and I hope his performance in the movie can cover for that. Still it’s a Shoaib Mansoor production so there is no reason to believe that this movie will be anything less than a classic. Mr. Mansoor could have done better job with the trailers I guess.


When I first saw Deepika Padukone with unibrow, I knew Mr. Bhansali has taken it too far this time. And the trailer has further assured my belief. I first watched it on phone and thought to myself, maybe it’s the small screen of phone, so I watched it on my laptop but then I thought, maybe it’s the sound quality of my laptop, so I watched it in HD1080 on my HD tv with surround sound system, still nothing changed and I didn’t like it. At this point I realized it’s the trailer which is not impressive. Don’t take me wrong trailer is great in its own and if it wasn’t a Bhansali production I might have been writing a different review. It’s the expectation that we have from a maestro like him. This is a quality product so the issues I have from the trailer are purely from the creative content perspective rather than the technical/CGI perspective. Trailer paints a very Hollywood standard, beautiful and convincing picture of the Era. But there is so much in the trailer that I had not expected from a Bhansali Production. I will start with the outlook of the film, for the very first-time outlook/treatment of a Bhansali production felt repetitive, it looked grand and fine but felt like BajiRao Mastani Part 2. Apart from one or two moments, there was no aww moment, every frame looked familiar and reused from BajiRaoMastani. Another major issue I have is with the principal cast appearance, Deepika seems to be hidden behind all that jewelry and doesn’t look impressive, as a Rajput queen. If you want to know what I mean check Ashwarya Rai Bachan in Jodha Akbar and do comparison. Priyanka chopra would have been a more appropriate choice for this role in terms of appearance. Deepika looks great who can forget the charming Mastani but if Rajput attire is over powering for her, then loose it a bit. Her charm is somewhat lost in the heavy attire and accessories and this is not a great aspect to have when heart of the conflict in the movie is supposed to be her beauty. Second major issue I have is the Games of Thrones inspired portrayal of Khilji Sultan. I know he is the villain in the story but it doesn’t mean you change his outlook completely from Turk Sultan of Delhi to a savage tribal leader. I know it’s a movie and not a documentary, so a certain level of creative liberty is allowed but still there are certain elements that should never be messed with. A Turk Sultan should look like a Sultan and not Kharl Drogo from Games of Thrones. Shahid Kapoor looks tiny and insignificant especially in shirtless scenes, where he looked more appropriate for Baywatch rather than a Rajputana period tale. Still all what I have said is for how I have perceived the trailer. I still believe in a Bhansali Production and expect Padmawati to be heavy budget emotional epic laced with intense performances. Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor and Deepika Padukone all three are great performers and I have expectation from them as well.

--------Tumhari Sulu--------

Now this is the trailer that got my attention. Vidya Balan starrer Tumhari Sulu appears to be a quirky coming of age drama of an Indian house wife who wants to be an RJ. Vidya Balan is in a league of her own next to Kangana Ranaut. These two actresses are alone trying to change the face of Bollywood, where Kangana is in combat with hero centric, nepotism oriented mindset of Bollywood, Vidya is working on to change the image of a typical Bollywood heroine. Both are backed by their tremendous performances and unique selection of their projects. Everything in the trailer worked for me, from the chemistry between Sulu and her husband to the Hawa Hawai song in the back ground. Intense moments are also there in the trailer and are justified. Everything in the trailer is perfectly placed and Sulu’s Laugh at the end of trailer acts as the final seal of confirmation that the viewer will come to the cinema. I kept on laughing for good 20 seconds after the trailer and watched trailer on repeat. This was one film that I literally had no idea that it even existed but now I am more excited to watch this one compared to Verna and Padmawati, that’s the power of a good trailer.

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