Monday, October 23, 2017

Geostorm - Movie Review (1/5 stars)

By Hamza Shafique

I will be honest, my only motivation to go for this movie was to see what they will do to my beloved emirate Dubai in the film. Trailers were making a big wave in UAE as they showed Dubai being destroyed by a big flood, even the movie promotional UAE poster has an image of tilted Burj Khalifa. So, the marketing team won and I bought the movie tickets. But I had very little hope from the movie as trailers apart from the Dubai perspective, were not interesting at all.
Geostorm is even more disastrous than the grand CGI disasters shown in the film itself. Screenplay made no sense at all. I was expecting Geostorm to be something like "2012" or "The day after tomorrow" sort where main element is the storm and how protagonist deals with it. Instead here, story of the two brothers and their relationship along with political drama takes prominence over the Geostorm and this has a catastrophic impact on the movie.

This basic mistake in screenplay never lets audience connect with the movie.In any disaster movie audience feels the severity of situation through the suffering that Principal cast go through but here they never suffer from the events so the characters audience gets connected to are not in danger for most part. And the random people who face the danger don’t have the right audience connection and that’s why as an audience we never feel the gravity of the situation to the full extent.
Apart from this basic mistake, this screenplay suffers from countless clich├ęd and out of the mill moments. Nothing about the screenplay is new or creative. Every character or element feels forced. for example, the character of daughter, feels like is only added so that protagonist has someone to cry and rejoice for him.
***Spoliers start*** Geostorm is what Bollywood storm movie would look like if made in seventies, where the daughter says, Dad promised that he will return so he will return, regardless of the fact that he is stuck on a self-destruct space station without any escape shuttle. Or when the hero trying to save the world cannot get the code right and miraculously the space station super-hot chief engineer appears wearing a space suit asking if he needs help, who by the way left the space station in a giant escape shuttle a while ago. And yes, how can I forget when the president of the united states in the middle of a car chase, under a life threat, in the middle of a lightning storm finds time to advice his secretary (or whoever he was in the movie, at this point I stopped caring) to marry the lady, just because she shoots a guy with perfection.*** Spoiler end***
I experienced so many mixed emotions while watching this debacle that I cannot even pen each one down. This movie was hilarious un intentionally. Principal cast was horrible. Gerard Butler and Jim Sturgess were playing estranged brothers but their portrayal reminded me of Jake Gyllenhal and Heath Ledger from Brokeback Mountain. Not that there was anything wrong with Jake Gyllenhal and Heath Ledger performance it’s just it wasn’t meant for sci fi induced, politically confused family drama disaster.
Dean Delvin should stick to the role of producer and stay miles away from direction. His directorial debut Geostorm is a disaster in itself. Mr. Delvin please simply hire good people and pay on time, nothing more is required from you.
CGIs are amazing and the parts where storm is in play, are enjoyable and that is why I am giving Geostorm a 1 star. If you are looking for a 4d experience then you can go for this movie as it has all the ingredients of a great 4d experience, where the focus is how well your chair vibrates rather than dialogue delivery of the actor.

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