Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Re Visiting Dubai Garden Glow

By Hamza Shafique (including photography) 

I first went to Dubai Garden Glow when it was just opened, I remember there was an interesting dance combined with lights music show which we watched while enjoying warm beverages from Tim Hortons, in Dec-Dubai winter. There was also a Pakistani small out let as well called Truck Ada. Overall it was a very pleasant trip, Place looked quite modern/unique and price of 60 Dirhams also felt ok for the whole experience. This time while passing on Sheikh Zayed Road my uncle spotted the colorful lights display and I thought it would be a great idea to visit again. But this time the entry ticket of 60 Dirhams felt expensive.
made gif , thought you will get the feel of the place better
with gif
Before visiting , I checked their website and found out that a lot has changed since my last visit and now there is even an Ice Park. So, I took my visiting family. We parked Zabeel Park entrance 7 (6 and 7 both are reserved for this part). First of all, I want to admire the beauty of Dubai Skyline and view from this place, you all need to take a moment to appreciate it. At the ticket counter, we discovered that to visit Ice Park we have to pay 40 Dirhams extra and this information was not mentioned on their website at all, we could have done a different plan if I knew there is an extra ticket.
Place was crowded even though we went there on a weekday evening, which is a great thing. At the entrance, there was dinosaur (a man dressed in a very believable costume) playing around with the visitors, which was quite fun. We first opted to visit the light section which was very beautiful, you can see it in the pictures below. The light area has been divided into section based on the display for example Sea World section had all the seas creatures being displayed etc.

From there we moved to Dino World, where animated dinosaur models are set in a very Jurassic park styled setting. You can even see fence with sign boards like 10000 volts be careful etc. I really liked this part, Dinosaurs were motion sensor enabled so as soon as you walk passed one it will start to move and make noise etc. Information was also provided next to each display. The setting was really impressive and realistic.
loved this display the most, sorry for bad
quality gif
There are also small food stalls that offer the usual stuff that you find in any park, nothing special there. One can also rent a bike shaped cart to go through the park as well. Facility is quite big so wear comfortable shoes, we got really tired by just going through the light exhibits.
Overall exhibits that park offered were neat and amazing. I was disappointed to see that there is no more live show and the Tim Hortons area was also closed. Landscaping at certain parts also looked very un kept,music that was being played in the park was also inconsistent and the water pool in the park was also not clean, which shows general maintenance issues. I saw Pizza Hut and KFC are planning to open again and I am sure maintenance issues will be fixed soon (we just visited at an odd time I guess) Nevertheless Dubai Garden Glow is a spectacular one of a kind facility and is still worth experiencing and my family had a good time. But as I mentioned earlier, from a Desi perspective, price of 100 dirhams (including Ice Park) seems a bit too much considering other attractions in Dubai, e.g. Global Village that offers a lot more( like stunt show etc.) in just 15 Dirhams more appropriate price wise for a middle class desi household. I believe they need to bring some sort of Light infused live show and improve the overall look of the park back to the way it was when it first opened to justify the 60 Dirhams.

More Gifs and Pictures by me of the place enjoy:

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