Monday, November 6, 2017

Thor Ragnarok - Movie Review (4/5 stars)

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram/Facebook)

It’s official, Marvel movies don’t need reviews, we all know by now that Marvel has cracked the code to pure entertainment (something DC is still learning). Every film that comes out of Marvel Studio is marvelous. Each episode of Marvel cinematic universe is laced with CGI loaded larger than life action sequences embedded with in a balanced and well-paced screenplay. Thor Ragnarok is no exception.

This time it’s not the Earth that is in trouble, its Asgard that needs to be saved. I loved this fact as I have always wanted to see more of Asgard, but in previous Thor movies earth has always been the main backdrop. Lucky for me, in Thor-Ragnarok there is no connection to Earth at all. Basic concept is that, Thor’s parents have done a really messed up job raising their kids, the son who they want to rule Asgard doesn’t want the throne and the ones they don’t want any way near throne keep on battling for it. This time it’s Thor’s sister Hella (Goddess of Death) who wants the golden throne. Taika Waititi's Thor-Ragnarok brings the lost charm and focus back to Thor franchise. Let’s admit no one missed Thor and Hulk in the last marvel releases especially in Civil War (where every other super hero was present).
All Marvel movies now appears to be written to prepare you for the infinity wars and final showdown with Thanos, here the vibe is sort of the same. Like ‘Captain America-Civil war’ brought winter soldier character from bad to the good side, Thor Ragnarok tries to bring Loki to good books of the audience yet keeping his God of mischief element intact. How you make Loki look good after all the evil shenanigans of his, the answer is simple, you get another powerful and even more evil sibling of Thor. Cate Blanchett as Hella is simply perfect for the role. I loved the character of Hella and her back story, which was sad and similar to Loki, that’s why I believe Odin and Gaea lacked parenting skills big time. Apart from having one hell of a villain, stakes are also very high as usual with Asgard under threat of extinction, what else one could expect from Goddess of Death.

Another thing that is on point in this one is the Hulk and Thor’s chemistry. Their epic gladiator style fight makes Iron Man vs Captain America and Super Man vs Batman look ordinary. The strength of both characters especially Thor was never fully explored as he was relying on his Hammer way too much, in this fight you can actually realize the full extent of Thor’s strength as he is going against the strongest avenger Hulk. Every punch in this fight is beyond Epic. Also in this movie for the first time Hulk appears as an individual, a character of his own rather than just a machine to smash things. What I mean is in previous films Hulk only emerges in action sequences and for other part Bruce Banner is usually shown saying some scientific banter but here its opposite, which is also a very refreshing take on the green giant.
This is the year of experimentation, first we got Logan, where drama quotient of the movie was the highlight and now we have Thor Ragnarok with complete makeover of Thor franchise (makeover is even evident from the posters of Thor films). It’s a comedy film, every scene will make you laugh regardless of the intensity. Thor also gets a complete makeover and now seems closer to Guardians of Galaxy part of Marvel cinematic universe rather than Avengers. I guess he will work as a bridge between both for Infinity wars.

With no human story and connection to earth or earthly beings, Thor Ragnarok is a complete out of this world fun tale of super beings and appears as one giant exciting Halloween party that no one should ever miss. I loved everything about the film and enjoyed every aspect of it whether it was the witty humor or the mighty action, I go with 4 stars.

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