Sunday, December 3, 2017

Dar Si Jati Hai Sila - Drama in Focus

 By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)


Dar Si Jati Hai Sila (DSJHS) is Hum TV’s new heavy budget, big star cast extravaganza infused with bitter household realities and moral lessons. I really respect Hum TV for pushing the envelope with every production. DSJHS tells the story of a joint family system and highlights some controversial aspects of it.

Noman Ijaz and Yumna Zaidi
Story revolves around the family of three brothers and their families living together, Brother of eldest brother’s wife named “Joyee Mama” also lives with them while younger brother lives in Canada and his family (including wife and two kids) lives with the elder two brother’s family in the house. Widowed sister of the three brothers along with his Son lives next door as well, who after her husband’s death relied heavily on her brothers’ aid. Family setup shown here is very realistic and I can relate to few elements of it personally.
 I don’t want to reveal the whole screenplay but this Drama deals with realities mentioned below and you will know when you see the drama:
  • Sexual harassment and its psychological impact on the victim
  • Effects of absence of a father figure on the family
  • Impact on a family member that’s not financially independent and lives on aid of other family members
  • Illicit relationships that form under circumstantial weak moments and the afterward guilt that influence life of the individuals involved
  • Status of family members directly proportion to their financial standing.
DSJHS first episode with a crisp screenplay, brilliant direction and convincing performances was one of the best Pilot episode I have seen in recent times. Noman Ijaz as a pervert uncle gave the meaning to the word menace on screen with his performance and Yumna Zaidi as a scared victim of uncle Joyee, who loses her voice every time Uncle Joyee comes in front of her really convinces you of her helplessness. Rest of the cast also fits their parts perfectly except for Saman Ansari who needs to tone down her intensity a level or two down.

Aman Ansari and Nomaj Ijaz
First Episode was amazing but second and third episodes were very repetitive. Same elements of the first episode were being shown using the same characters with in similar settings, without any major story line movement. I understand it’s not a 180 minutes silver screen production thus it has luxury to take time and expand the story line but still with each episode story needs to offer some movement to keep audience involved. Without storyline movement even brilliant direction and performances cannot make the experience pleasant. That’s why I waited for fourth episode to compile my review and fourth episode did move the storyline a little forward but not to the required extent. And that is my only problem with the show so far. I stopped watching "Rangreza" and "Alif Allah aur Insaan" for the same reason and I really hope they fix the storyline pacing issue in future episodes to enhance the experience as I believe the messages enclosed in this production are very important.
Over all “Dar Si Jati Hai Sila” talks about some very hidden and controversial yet important realities laced with all the elements of good production and deserves your time.
The episodes are available legally on YouTube from Hum TV on link below, check them out:

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