Tuesday, January 16, 2018

De Ijazat - Drama in Focus

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

De Ijazat is Hum TV’s new drama serial starring Mikaal Zulfiqar and Zarnish Khan. I was excited about this project as I have always liked Mikaal Zulfiqar’s selection for drama productions but sorry to report that this one disappointed me. I am wondering how a great entertainment channel like Hum TV gave this production green light. I was not planning to review but it’s so bad that it compelled me to review it.
De Ijazat felt like any run-of-the-mill production with stereotypical characters, cliched plot and literal writing. For the first time, ever a pilot episode of a Hum TV production was so boring that I slept midway.
With every episode, the content that this ensemble offers worsen. So far, we have seen that Zarnish Khan is an independent middle class working woman who becomes love interest of Mikaal Zulfiqar who belongs to a wealthy family. Yes, we still do have such class driven plots with love at first sight sort of elements in 2018 and that’s not it on top of that Zarnish Khan’s character happens to have selfish siblings and is in a situation where she needs to support the family as well. How original, well that’s not it we also have Zarnish’s father played by Irfan Khoosat, who gets heart attack with every bad news. By the way I think Mr. Khoosat who I really admire, now needs to shift to playing grandfather sort of roles. Now let’s think what else is missing here in this century old plot, yes you all got it right, an overpowering, possessive, ill-tempered and not so kind-hearted Mother of the Hero. We have one here too, played by none other than Ayesha Sana, whose every character looks the same regardless whatever character she is playing and every dialogue she delivers has the same tone of her famous Bright it Bright it episode.
Moreover direction, screenplay even the OST is mediocre and seriously lacks creativity, which makes this dull plot even more terrible. Writing is so literal that if a scene is shot in the day time the characters will definitely have dialogues like, “look its day time, sun is out and shining” etc., like we all are blind or stupid. I think the writer must be thinking that this production is going to be a radio production and there is a need to pen down every obvious thing. There is a serious lack of effort and creativity here, I mean just look at the female protagonist over all look, they gave her the biggest glasses ever so that she can have a nerd to a beauty queen stereotypical transformation later by just removing the glasses
Based on first 4 episodes, it appears to be a very boring and disappointing production with nothing new to offer and no signs of improvement. My prediction is that in future episodes De Ijazat will become a dreadful version of “Zindagi Gulzar Hai” (A Hum TV Classic) where we will see a middle-class bride adjusting to wealthy In Laws. I will suggest not to waste your time on this one.

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