Friday, April 6, 2018

Blackmail - Movie Review (3/5 Stars)

By: Danish Lakdawalaa

I had no expectations from this Irrfan Khan starrer as I didn’t see any trailer or promotional material before going to cinema. All I knew was that, it’s an adult 15+ rated comedy. I must say I am not disappointed and not having expectation enhanced the experience as well. Film deals with the financial and relationship struggles of a common middle-class man which in return makes him do unimaginable things.

First half is a bit slow as it takes time to set the plot and the characters within. And once all the characters are set story moves beautifully. Screenplay is so well written, and story is so well presented that you don’t notice any loopholes (but they are there). The 'comedy' genre of the film is slightly misleading. It has flavors of situational comedy, but it feels more like a suspense drama. The circle of blackmailing is filled with enough twists and turns to keep you engaged throughout the film. The interval scene especially stunned me and after that I couldn’t wait for the interval to be over to know what happens next. To be able to create such an experience speaks the sheer brilliance of the film makers.
This film is all about the characters. All are equally unique and well performed. To begin with, Irrfan Khan as the husband Dev who is trying to spice up his dull married life. He is the center of this show. He under performs his role, which is exactly required. He's mostly straight faced even during planning and plotting but his intensity to the character is amazing.
Dev's wife played by Kirti Kulhari is ok however Arunoday Singh as henpecked husband Ranjit Arora shines bright. The way he lets go off his ego for money each time his wife played by the ravishing Divya Dutta insults him is very convincing. She literally treats as well as calls him a dog. Divya is crazy on screen and pure delight to watch. Their domestic scenes are far more engaging, funny and colorful than Irrfan-Kriti's.

Director Abhinay Deo has done a good job. The humor part does remind you of his work from Delhi Belly. Urmila's item song has no impact and is more like a Blink-and-you-miss-it. The camera work could have been better. There were too many closeup shots in the film. Music blends in well and does its job. Overall, it's a well-made film with enough doze of twists and humor to keep you engaged. It’s a fun weekend watch,I go with 3 stars.

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