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Desi Bites : Avengers: Infinity War Special

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Avengers Infinity War is getting all the hype these days and why shouldn’t it. Avengers Infinity War is the Mega Movie event of not only 2018 but of all times. I guess there hasn’t been an occurrence of such mega proportions in the cinematic world. 10 years with 18 movies and dozens of characters all equally loved, appreciated and blockbuster at the same level and then to have all of them converging into one movie has never been heard or seen before. So, I have decided to dedicate this Desi Bites post entirely to Avengers Infinity War.

Where is Hawk Eye:

The biggest mystery since the promotions of the film has started is, “where is Hawk Eye?”. Him being the original avenger and not being included anywhere in the promotional material, where even novice like Wong and Mantis are getting their space, is kind of a big deal. But on the other hand, the least famous character from the original 6 Avengers is the talk of the town and whether intentional or unintentional this a great marketing team achievement.

Marvel does know how to connect to the fans and audience, so I am sure he is in the movie. Every Avenger film has an end fight sequence where all the Avengers assemble in a circle surrounded by the enemies and then they fight in perfect coordination as one giant force. And not to have Hawk Eye in this final round will be a disappointment.

Major Concerns:

One of my major concern here is to have Spider-Man as a principal cast member, as a character he can easily overpower any other character that he shares screen with.

He got way too much significance in the trailer and the most memorable scene from the trailer is him swinging through some destruction. Knowing from trailer he will have a faceoff with Thanos I am thinking he can easily steal everyone’s thunder and make mighty three Thor, Captain and Iron Man look less significant. In Civil War all my favorite moments from the epic Airport fight sequence involved Spiderman, especially when he single-handedly defeated Falcon and Winter Soldier. But it was ok as he was there only for that one moment but here I believe he is the integral part or even the trigger moment for the plot. I hope Russo brothers have considered this and kept the limelight on the original key cast members.

Another concern that I have now is that audience will not accept anything mediocre good from this film. This film in fact has to be better than Civil War. It has to be 5 starrer jaw dropping great or it will be considered 1 starrer something like Batman vs Superman automatically but I am hopeful, I believe it will meet expectations.

Thanos Demands Your Silence:

Russo brothers have requested to the world to stay spoiler free till everyone has seen it. They have written a letter, addressed to' the greatest fans in the world' asking to maintain secrecy and not to spoil it for other like they will not want it to be spoiled for themselves. This is a genius move I must say. As it adds a moral responsibility on us. People usually share spoilers to create sensationalism to gain audience/followers etc.

Now after this letter if someone share a spoiler it will be considered inconsiderate and negative as someone trying to spoil one’s epic moment. And no one who is after viewership/followers would want that. I have already started to see the trend on social media that, while discussing the recent gauntlet with all infinity stones shown in one tv spot, people are mentioning that it’s not a spoiler as its put by Marvel themselves on their Instagram. Which means morality is already playing a part and it might actually work in keeping secrecy even after the release.

Captain America and his Black Widow impression:

Russo Brothers are not leaving any stone unturned in the marketing of Avengers Infinity War and new butt posters of Captain America and Winter Soldier are a proof of that. Knowing that, in the days of #MeToo movement, objectifying women even in slightest manner can bring in negative press but still somehow makers feel that this genre requires some sort of sexual undertone to cover all sections of audience. So here come the century old single men. I am not bothered by it and to be honest it’s not much but still mentioning it as its obvious.

Story Prediction:

Now ending my Desi Bite with some storyline predictions, which are based on my analysis of Marvel movie making formula and trailers.

Basic theme would be Thor, Iron Man and Captain America engaging Thanos individually with their teams and not as one team together while Thanos gather all the stones. Storyline will go like this:

Film will start with Thanos confronting Thor in Space where Loki will be captured and Thanos will get first infinity stone. Here he will also find about Vision and the stone that he possesses.

Thor will be thrown in space where he will encounter Guardians of Galaxy and with help of Mantis they will find out about Thanos. Gamora will explain Thanos’ basic motive. From here they will divide in two teams Star Lord along with Gamora and Drax will go to get hold of the other infinity stone which is kept with The Collector. Thanos will get the stone from Collector and will capture Drax.
Thor along with Rocket and Groot will most probably head to safe guard another stone kept with Nova Corps and encounter some sort of resistance there.

Hulk arrives in New York also (most probably sent by Thor during the first fight). Dr. Strange approaches him and then as per Banner advice invites Iron Man to New York. Bruce Banner informs them about the Thanos attack and his quest for Infinity stones.
Meanwhile Thanos will send Black order to Earth to gather the other two stones.
Iron Man along with Dr. Strange holds off Black order, while he send Bruce in Hulk Buster to Captain America to hide Vision.
Portal will appear in New York and here Spider-Man will come into picture and he eventually gets stuck and call Iron Man for help. Who arrives with Iron Spider Suit and gets transported along with Spider-Man to Titan.
Here they meet Guardians of the Galaxy who also arrive on Titan chasing Thanos who has captured Drax.

Here another faceoff happens between Thanos and Iron Man with team. After Thor, Iron Man is also defeated and possibly flees the area with Guardians help.
Captain America in the meanwhile takes the team and what better place to hide than Wakanda. Where eventually third and final battle happens. Here I believe Captain holds him well and he flees but along with him takes the stone from Vision.

By the end Thanos has 4 stones and the divided Avengers have also realized they need to face him together and that’s how we will get Avengers 4.

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