Friday, June 15, 2018

Kaala - Movie Review (3/5 Stars)

By: Suhinth Mohan

Most celebrated superstar of Indian cinema Rajnikanth has returned to the screens with his latest film Kaala. Kaala is a second consecutive collaboration of Rajnikanth with the director Pa. Ranjith after Kabali in 2016. Movie was suppose to release later this year as Rajnikanth’s sci-fi action film 2.0 was scheduled in April. As the post production got delayed for 2.0 it made way for Kaala to be released early. This movie also stars Nana Patekar, Easwari Rao, Huma Qureshi, Samuthirakani. Music was given by Santhosh Narayanan who was also part of Kabali. The announcement of the movie created buzz as the previous collaboration Kabali didn’t meet fans expectations. The movie is also produced by Wunderbar films which is own by Dhanush. CBFC of India has certified this flick as U/A (unrestricted public exhibition subject to parental guidance for children below the age of twelve). Rajnikanth’s movie got this certificate after 27 years. Previously Thalapathy directed by Mani Ratnam obtained a U/A certificate in 1991.

The story of the movie revolves around a slum in Mumbai which is called Dharavi. People who have migrated in the past have made the place as their living. By time the Mumbai became metropolis this prominent area in the city remained the same as a slum. However, corporate, companies and politicians are eying on the area as it has a high market value, however the proposed plans have no benefits for the people living there. Kaala is the leader of the Dharavi community stands against the politicians with the support of the people. Political parties try to capture the area in many ways however Kaala’s efforts keep them away. This leads Kaala to be the direct enemy of Hari Dhadha a strong politician. Kaala even lose his elder son and wife in an accident which was targeted toward him. How Kaala brings justice to the people of Dharavi? Is he able to defeat the politicians? These are main elements of the storyline.
Highlight of the movie is obviously the superstar Rajnikanth who has changed his character formula in recent times where his aged look is now more acceptable among the fans. Rajnikanth as Karikalan (Kaala) has given his best performance in recent times. Notedly the 65year old actor has done his fight scenes without a stunt double. Scenes where he meets his ex-finance, talking to the police in the Jail, talking to his family after a party shows him as an actor and the bridge flight scene and the climax shows him as Mass hero. His stardom and the actor in him has been brought out very well by the director Pa. Ranjith. Theme of the movie can be easily explained by the line “Land is our right”. The story of the movie is being an eye opener to the many people in South Asia who considers slums as a disgrace for their country. Where we fail to see the political actions partnered by the corporates. In a scene where an NGO proposes a plan for the city which has a Golf course where the people of the area wanted to play cricket and football. Screenplay of the movie has to be appreciated where mainly it changes the perception of Ram and Raavan. Theme of the movie can be seen in one frame when Kaala meets Hari Dhadha in his residence where even the color contrast of the costumes is conveying the message. Nandna Patekar, Huma Qureshi and Samuthirakani have done their roles well. In a hero-oriented film, females have also got powerful roles in form if Kaala’s wife Selvi (Easwari Rao) as a strong house wife, Zareena (Huma) an independent single mother and Puyal (Anjali) an out spoken social activist. Music is average where the music director delivers his usual beat in a catchy manner. Climax of the movie is a colorful and thoughtful treat where the director proves himself.
Kaala’s biggest disappointment is its length where sentimental family backdrop scene occupies the time. The romantic scenes between Kaala and Zareena reminds Kabali and Kumudhavli’s romance from the movie Kabali where the track Kannamma sounds like the track Mayanadhi. While making a movie with such a huge hero the director could have also thought about his fan following and their expectations. Overall the movie is a thoughtful weekend delight. People who expect extreme heroism will be disappointed. I would like to give 3 star to this movie filled with social message, heroism and entertainment.

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