Sunday, June 3, 2018

Veere Di Wedding - Movie Review (3/5 Stars)

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Shashanka Ghosh's Veere Di Wedding may feel pointless but is never boring. Narrative is well put and produced on screen but lacks the required graph. Just Imagine in Dil Chahta Hai there was no major conflict and focus was all on Amir Khan along with some mediocre music. It will still be a watchable experience but not a classic one as Dil Chahta Hai is.

Nidhi Mehra and Mehul Suri's Screenplay doesn’t tell the story of 4 friends as advertised but is only about Kalindi Puri (played by Kareena Kapoor) who happens to have 3 friends. Narrative focuses way more than required on Kareena Kapoor’s character’s stereotypical problem. This unbalanced focus takes the required graph out of the whole narrative. A bit more screen time of Meera Sood (played by Shikha Talsania) side of story could have elevated the graph and clever writing for Avni Sharma (played by Sonam Kapoor)’s arc could have added required humor. For a movie advertised as a female buddy comedy it lacks both. What Veere Di Wedding screenplay got right was the pacing, characterization and overall feel of the film which along with other elements elevates it from a bearable to more entertaining experience.

I have one issue with casting, for me Sonam Kapoor would have been more suitable for role of Sakshi Soni (played by Swara Bhaskar). Swara is super good as a spoiled rich brat but Sonam fits into the caste perfectly and also, I believe Swara would have performed better in the badass lawyer moments of Avni Sharma’s character. But this is nitpicking I guess, as overall the cast and performances were good and balanced. Kareena Kapoor as Kalindi Puri is the star of the show here followed by Swara Bhaskar and Sumeet Vyas. All three of them nailed it perfectly. Especially for Sumeet to shine in a women-oriented show with a tiny role is remarkable. Shikha Talsania was convincing as well but gets the smallest part compared to all other and Sonam Kapoor was average as usual (apart from her nasal tone which was getting annoying from time to time).

Music was mediocre, nothing memorable nor horrible just in the middle. End credit Song “Tareefan” is catchy but lyrics make no sense and I guess they are not meant to make sense anyway.
This is a visually beautiful film, from extravagant wedding setups with Russian dancers to perfect Hair and dresses of the principal cast, every scene is gorgeous. There is not even a single loud moment even when girls are arguing or fighting, which clubbed with perfect visuals creates a very pleasant environment in the cinema.

Overall my experience was positive. Movie is Flawed just like the characters it tells the story of and just like how the girls work through their issues despite of flaws, this movie does too. From subtle life lessons hidden throughout the narrative to the lead cast’s perfect eye makeups, there is a lot to like here I go with 3 stars.

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