Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Captain Marvel - Movie Review (2.5/5 Stars)

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck ‘s written and directed Captain Marvel is the 21st installment in the Marvel cinematic universe and the weakest entertainer from the ensemble in my perspective. Don’t take me wrong it’s still a well-made, visually pleasing, action packed usual Marvel entertainer but considering it to be the first female lead super hero film from MCU, it was given that it will be compared to Wonder Woman (the first female lead DC film). And somehow in comparison it lacks the oomph’s and punches big time. I was expecting a lot more from Captain Marvel after ‘Infinity War’, as she was termed as the savior, the most powerful of all, so when you get a mediocre origin story like this, you as a Marvel fan are destined to be disappointed.

There are couple of fundamental errors here from my perspective.
Screenplay is well knitted but lacks the required energy and is pretty ordinary not befitting for a hero like Captain Marvel. The sequences in which the story is told could have been re-arranged to grip the audience more effectively for- example movie opens with Brie Larson waking up having a cup of whatever she is having looking outside the window and then going to wake the character of Jude Law up and then going for a training and by the time we got to training through which they continued to talk so neither as an audience I could enjoy the fight nor understand what the discussion is about, instead movie could have opened to the training sequence done esthetically with appropriate background score creating a mystery in audience’s mind from scene one while entertaining/gripping them, could have been a more befitting opening.

Another thing that prohibits Captain Marvel to go larger than life is the background score and overall music/sound mixing of the film. This one is the quietest Marvel film I have seen, I could hear every popcorn being munched in the cinema hall but struggled to listen to what the principal cast was saying. We all remember the moment when Thor goes all ballistic with lightening and music plays a big role in making that moment memorable, here we have a similar moment where Captain Marvel go full flame blazing , photon throwing giant high up in space but as an audience you never get that Thor kind of cool vibe from it even though CGI work is fabulous and I blame it on not having adequate background score.

Humor also falls flat in most part as well, it’s never a good idea to give Nick Fury a cat to create humor. Performances of few cast member was not up to the mark for example Akira Akbar playing Monica daughter of Maria Rambeau (friend of Captain Marvel) played by Lashana Lynch has some focused (supposedly cute) screen moments and those parts are not of standard. Also, in an attempt to make Clark Gregg (as Phil Coulson) appear young they turned him into an expressionless porcelain doll on screen which is also not helpful.

Production quality is of Marvel standards though with great CGI created visuals and well shot action sequences. Brie Larson as Captain Marvel and Samuel L. Jackson as young Nick Fury are ok, and their buddy cop kind of chemistry is of acceptable level. Though Brie Larson lacks the screen presence and charisma, that you get from her counter parts like Gal Gadot’s Wonder Women or Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow. Jude Law as Yon-Rogg disappoints and not because his performance is bad but only because of high expectations.

Overall, it’s an average Marvel entertainer and a must watch for Marvel fans for continuity purposes but as a standalone origin story of a first female lead super hero film especially in comparison to DC’s Wonder Woman lacks the right level of energy and soul. It’s not a bad horrible movie but at the same time it doesn’t excite you enough also, I go with 2.5 stars. Its game of expectations, expect less and enjoy more.
And one more thing, end credit scene worth your wait so do look out for it

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