Thursday, April 18, 2019

Desi Bites - April 2019

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

This week in Desi Bites I have coverage of The Mystical Dream (a concert where power houses of Pakistani Music Industry came together), Tabah Ho Gaye- Madhuri’s Kalank oriented performance and Netflix suggestion for the weekend.

A Mystical Dream:

About Last Saturday-A Mystical Dream in its true sense. Had the pleasure meeting and interviewing Atta Ula Esakhelvi Sahab, Umair Jaswal and Aima Baig while they were in Dubai for their concert A Mystical Dream held at Hard Rock Café Dubai.
It was an experience in itself, meeting these amazing, talented and down to earth personalities and on top of that all of them were rock stars on stage in their own specific ways later in evening. During interviews Atta Ula ji was inspiring with the wisdom in his words, his calm demeanor and charisma.
I shared the interview and concert through my social media channels-which if you are not following you are definitely missing out on a lot of things happening in Dubai. And if you are following then hope you enjoyed the stories. Wish we get to see these three more often.

Kalank- Tabah Ho Gaye:

Kalank has released and my detailed review is still under work, but we all have seen the horrendous frog jumping act of Madhuri in the name of Kathak. Madhuri is such a huge star that she still managed to shine through it, but she definitely deserved better than this.
But for now, if you want to erase bad memories of Tabah Ho Gaye, I will suggest watch these three songs of Madhuri where her classic dance moves are evident.

1- Jagaave saree raina – Dedh Ishdya, In this song we just have Madhuri without flashy costumes, hordes of background dancer and elaborate sets. She is dancing all by herself in an old room with vintage furniture and yet displays charisma of Deepika in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Deewani Mastani song.

2- Kahe Ched Mohe – Devdas, here we have Madhuri in all her glory. Beautiful set, well synchronized background dancers along with eternal beauty of Madhuri in a royal get up at display. Choreographed to perfection incorporating all the alluring moves of Madhuri. Definitely a visual treat that will erase Tabah Ho Gaye memory.

3- O Re Piya – Aja Nachle, this was the comeback film of Madhuri and in this song we see a 40-year-old Madhuri trying to portray her younger self for the role. With all the classic dance moves and appropriate facial expressions she does it well. Its such a joy watching Madhuri in simple shalwar Kameez with open hair doing classical Indian dance moves.

Netflix Weekend Suggestions:

I am recently being introduced to the world of Netflix and I love it already, there is so much quality original Netflix content available. Weekend is coming so here are my three suggestions for the weekend:

1- Delhi Crime – This series details the events that took place at the police station to solve the brutal crime that took place in Delhi when a girl was gang raped and assaulted in a moving bus. This crime shook the Indian nation and got international coverage coz of its heinous nature. For all those who watch Crime Patrol on Sony TV, its investigative from police perspective like it but from production/performance perspective its grand, better and more realistic. There are conversations here related to crime which are brutal and will easily make one uncomfortable and knowing on top of that it really happened, will definitely stir the human in you. Also, this series show all the hard work that goes behind at the police station and this series also put special effort in making Police men and woman more relatable and human with real emotions and relations. One never realizes how limited resources there are for this department to function and still they manage to do a very decent job. Performances by the cast are also convincing with Shefali Shah in the center in her prime. Highly recommended.

2- Our Planet – a documentary series about our planet and an awareness program on how we are impacting negatively and positively on our environment. This documentary takes you in places where you can’t venture otherwise. Each episode is unique, has a story line and is shot beautifully. This is your usual National Geographic stuff but version 2.0. My personal favorite episode is the one where High Seas and its life is presented. I am still amazed at how they shot all the life that we saw, from deep underground seas to microscopic plants floating high seas. This one is highly recommended for the awareness that we need as humans, the esthetics with which it’s shot and the diversity of life it documents.

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