Friday, August 13, 2021

I'll Meet You There - Review (Dubai Theatrical Release 12th August 2021)

 By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Watching legendary Qavi Khan portraying baba on big screen is an absolute delight and definitely the highlight of " I'll Meet You There ". Presence of Qavi Khan should be the reason enough to visit cinema this week. Iram Parveen Bilal's "I'll Meet You There" is a beautiful effort to tell the story of Desis in USA. 

"I'll Meet You There" deals with the complexities of a desi families living in USA , we have Baba played by Qavi Khan who is visiting from Pakistan, his Son Majeed played by Faran Tahir who grew up in Pakistan and now is living in USA and then we have Dua who is born and brought up in USA.  All these characters are at different stage of cultural evolution and Iram Parveen Bilal tries to tell their story of finding stability and peace while highlighting issues of cultural identity many migrant families face.

What works well for me here is the story line and performances. Screenplay is well knitted and moves with a steady pace keeping audience engaged and connected. Scenes between Baba (Qavi Khan) and Dua (Nikita Tewani) are the ones that will touch the audience the most. 

Qavi Khan, Faran Tahir and Nikita Tewani deliver a very convincing solid performance with Qavi Khan stealing the show. We need to write more roles for Qavi Khan Saheb.

What doesn't work well for me is the overall production value, I understand it is a low budget affair but still shaky cam, poor editing and hasty end can't be justified. Sequence where Dua sees her Mother while performing Kathak could have been directed more tastefully. But these flaws are not big enough to impact the overall soothing, soulful experience this spectacular offers.

Like me if you are fatigued from loud big budget sensory overloads like Suicide Squad , Jungle Cruise etc. then this one is a must watch. 

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