Sunday, December 2, 2018

2.0 (Movie Review 2/5 Stars)

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Shankar's grand spectacular 2.0 has it all , first grade CGI , two superstars , a believable story line embedded with a great message but what it doesn’t have is the subtle art of knowing when to stop which makes this whole experience exhausting and tiring.

Trailers give pretty much all the cool stuff and also the storyline of the film so no surprise there. Akshay Kumar is the Thanos of this episode a Villain with a noble cause but with a controversial solution. While Rajinikanth acts as all super heroes combined from Iron Man to Ant Man to Transformers and God knows what. That's where the actual problem of film lies.
Despite of a decent storyline embedded with a strong message and an expensive Hollywood standard production with two mega super stars , this film fails to impress only because director didn’t know when to stop.

Unnecessary elongated heavy cgi'ed action sequences and a lot of repetitive, again heavy cgi'ed moments take the soul out of the narrative. When the first scene where a bird appeared in a cell phone and flies it away, and the first murder by cell phones in bedroom happens it was interesting and I as an audience was involved/impressed but when we saw same stuff over and over again in similar context it got exhausting. Also the last action sequence where we see Rajinikanth as Transformer, Iron Man , AntMan and Doctor strange, feels very messy /all over the place, vs. what it is intended to be, an awesome climactic impactful experience.
This movie is also very literal, technically a movie of this grandeur should have been designed in a way that audience realizes the message by them selves but instead we see every character literally say the key message multiple times throughout the movie , which kind a turned it into a noise rather than a sermon.

If this movie was half it's run time and narrative was to the point, including only those scenes required to take the narrative forward, it could've been a whole different story. When Akshay in his usual tone was saying Birds will die over and over again , inner me was saying if he will say it couple more times audience in the cinema will die too, I go with 2 stars


  1. I agree!!! Also, when ragnikant kept on saying “DOT” I was about to die!!!