Thursday, December 13, 2018

Aquaman (Movie Review 4/5 stars)

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

DC is getting there and creating a niche of their own. Finally, a fast-pace adventure movie with bright visuals, thrilling action set pieces and convincing CGI to come from the world of DC. I know you would say, Wonder Woman is already there from DC in this regard but believe me even wonder woman wasn’t this happy and lit. I have never seen a diverse super hero movie like this, imagine “Lord Of The Ring” with tone/treatment of “Thor Ragnarok” enhanced with CGIs like “Valerian” while being set underwater. Amidst all of this, massive screen presence of Jason Momoa takes you on a journey that will satisfy the comic nerd in you to the core.

Screenplay is diverse and fast pace. This film has so much to offer from adventure to action and from drama to romance. All elements are superbly balanced in screenplay and that’s what makes it a unique experience from comic book genre perspective. There are moments that will remind you of Indiana Jones movie, then you get scenes of tsunami right from a disaster movie, at one point I shouted here comes Godzilla and we got scenes right out of a monster movie etc. and none of it feels forced or unnecessary which is a big win. Storyline flows naturally, never gets messy or slows down. This film also has place for humor along with the imaginative world/characters of underwater nation of Atlantis and its good. Aquaman and other characters in this world are super cool and screenplay ensures that their coolness stays intact throughout.

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry / Aquaman delivers, he appears larger than life and adorable at the same time on screen. Amber Heard as Mera also shares the screen equally with 6 feet 4 inches tall Aquaman and never even once appear an inch shorter. Rest of the cast including the two antagonists are perfect in their part, while Nicole Kidman as Atlanna looks like a goddess on screen.

Thank god there aren’t any CGI moustache removal disasters in this one. This film is very CGI heavy and for most part it’s convincing. Underwater world is very imaginative, and CGI delivers imagination on screen with justice especially the climactic action sequence.

Action sequences are brilliantly choreographed and picturized in bright locations with continues camera shots having usual slow motion so as an audience you register each and every move on screen. Which makes it a far more superior experience.

James Wan takes this interesting screenplay, aided by believable CGI and cast with immense screen presence to create a visual spectacular that entertains thoroughly. The last action sequence between Aquaman and Orm is one of the most epic duel I have ever seen in a super hero action film and alone is enough for me to recommend this movie. I go with 4 stars.

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