Thursday, December 27, 2018

Zero ( Movie Review 2/5 Stars)

By  Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Growing up, all of us who love Hindi Movies, have loved Shahrukh Khan. Every year through late 90s to early 2000 , there has always been one blockbuster movie, where he has always been in his element. He has won Film Fare best actor award ( which is equivalent to Oscars in India) in a row for couple of years. We as an audience who grew up loving him expects the same level of impact and greatness from his Movies even today. That's why we get upset and thrash an otherwise average movie like Zero. If I strictly talk about film Zero then it was an ok movie perhaps a little drag and got off topic in second half, but if I look at it from a Shahrukh Khan film perspective then it was a disaster.

Zero is a love story but its definitely not for Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh Khan desperately need to find good scripts rather than good directors. What he is doing is hiring hit filmmakers and trying to fit him self in their hit formulas. All his recent releases like Dilwale, Jab Harry Met Sejal and now Zero are a result of this approach. And when a star like Shahrukh Khan is added to a project stakes get way higher and smaller issues become huge.

Zero is an overall average film with usual flaws. Screenplay is crisp in first half but humor is not to the level required which prevents audience to connect to the plot. In second half, the part where we have Katrina is written well and is enjoyable, but soon after narrative loses focus and drags to the point that all interest is lost. If only instead of Mars mission prep sequences , screen time was given to Anushka's and Shahrukh's storyline, film could have been a lot shorter and drag could have been avoided. Anushka's portrayal of a paraplegic also gets unintentionally comical at times and is not consistent throughout.
In short lack of humor in first half , drag in the second half and Anushka's portrayal prevents audience to connect to otherwise an interesting concept. And if you add a super star to the equation losses get bigger than usuall.

This Film has a lot of positives too. I must say it's a very strong film technically and dwarfed Shahrukh Khan doesnt annoy like Prosthetically created Gaurav in Fan. Also believability is not an issue here like few critics mentioned , Shahrukh Khan breaking stars with his finger, a super star kissing a dwarf from a small town randomly and zero gravity room at NASR all are fun elements and believable. Music is good also and Salman's guest appearance lightens the mood, at least made me groove in cinema.
I wish we get to see Shahrukh Khan in roles which are appropriate to his stature and maturity. Zero is a flawed production tainted by the presence of a star, I go with 2 stars.

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