Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Food Therapy with Granny's Waffle

By: Hamza Shafique

We thought Granny’s Waffle would be perfect for DDR's ( Dubai Desi Reviews) first post under Food Therapy segment. It's a small café situated on 2nd floor next to waterfall in Dubai mall.
I don’t like going to malls as I prefer outdoors and Dubai mall is my least favorite. There is nothing wrong with Dubai mall in fact it is the first place that comes to my mind when planning my relative’s visits, my only issue is the size of the mall and the time it takes to get from one point to other inside the mall (God bless mall taxis ). So naturally a regular trip (shopping including lunch or dinner) to Dubai mall would take couple of hours and by the time you are done, you get tired. That is where Granny’s Waffle comes into picture. Granny’s Waffle gives you the right ambience along with food to unwind and relax before your drive back home especially in my case drive back to Ajman, (last time it took me 2 hours thanks to the traffic).

So, as I mentioned, Last weekend after hours of usual shopping and lunch we ended up in Granny’s Waffles for something sweet before we head home to Ajman. Their Menu is basically designed for people with a sweet tooth and is based around different variation of Waffles, Pan Cakes, Crepes, Shakes and Beverages. After reviewing the menu in detail, we ordered Royal Chocolate Banana Waffle (without crushed nuts), Brownie Crepe which is a recent addition to their menu and Oreo Shake.

For me food presentation is equally important as the taste and food that we ordered excelled in both areas. “Royal Chocolate Banana Waffle” tasted as good as it looked. Waffle was crisp with ample amount of Nutella and Banana slices added another dimension to the taste. “Brownie Crepe” was surprisingly creative. First, the presentation was amazing, Second I never had a pouch shaped crepe before so the whole look excited me, even the ribbon that tied the pouch was made of Jelly. Pouch had Crushed Biscuits, Strawberries, Chocolate sauce and a Brownie all packed within. As we couldn't see inside so every bite seemed like having a surprise which added another fun aspect to the food.
Homely ambience of the place enhanced the experience further. Furniture which included living room sofa sets and dining tables with comfy chairs along with the placement, wall frames and decorative items made us feel like we were sitting in our own living room. We even got some ideas to update our own living room setup as well.

Sometime when you are tired you don’t want serving staff to bother you with unnecessarily questions like,” Sir is everything ok?” or “Do you need anything else” etc. and here in Granny’s Waffle we just got that. Food was served with in time and with a smile and after that they simply let us mind our own business.
They are priced slightly higher from desi perspective approx. 60 AED (including drink) per person but portions are generous and for 3 people 2 orders should be enough. I will not recommend it only for the food but for the whole experience. Food, Ambience and Service along with the view/sound of water from the waterfall made our visit to Granny’s Waffle therapeutic. Highly recommended.


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