Thursday, March 2, 2017

March - Playlist

March seems like a good month for movie goers. we have pretty interesting movie releases in almost every genre, which makes it really hard for me to stick to format of 1 film every friday of a month. After carefully reviewing coming soon section of Vox Cinemas UAE and tormenting my self with all sorts of trailers on Youtube, here are the top five picks for five Fridays of March.

1-Logan-The Wolverine (15+)
Release date: 2nd March 2017
Genre: Action
Running Time:140min
Language: English with Arabic&French Subtitles
No one can say no to a Marvel release especially if the movie is about the most popular character Wolverine. Trailer of this third and final installment in wolvervine series has an unusual dramatic feel. Plot seems nothing like we have seen before. We see a dark world without mutants. Wolverine who is losing his healing ability is tasked to protect a young mutant with the help from Professor X who him self has Alzheimers now.

2-Viceroy's House (TBC)

Release date: 9th March 2017
Genre: Drama
Running Time:100min
Language: English with Arabic Subtitles
We have 2 realeases in the category of priodic drama, Viceroy's House and The United Kingdom. Both equally interesting topics but I would recommend Viceroy's House as I believe being from subcontinent we should once in a while look back into independance struggle of our ancestors. It will help us understand and appreciate our countries more. I only hope to get an unbiased outlook of the actual events. Trailer claims that the storyline is based on the actual events that will portray the conflict between Jinnah , Nehru and Gandhi on Indian independence that eventually lead to creation of Pakistan.

3-Beauty and the Beast(PG13)

Release date: 16th March 2017
Genre: Animation
Running Time:130min
Language: English with Arabic Subtitles
March cannot get better with releases based on my childhood favorites like Power Rangers & Beauty and the Beast. I select Disney classic purely because of the unadulterated and mature outlook from the trailer. We See Emma Watson after a long time and I really cannot wait to see who this beast turns out to be.


Release date: 23rd March 2017
Genre: Comedy
Running Time:180min
Language: Hindi with English&Arabic Subtitles
March has 3 Bollywood releases Commando, Badrinath kee Dulhania and Phillauri. Main competition here is between later 2. From the two comedies I select Phillauri purely because it has more fresh outlook compared to Badrinath ki Dulhania.
In trailer we see ghost of Anushka Sharma flying around a guy who she claims to have married while he was performing a ritual on a tree she was living on. Another reason to select Philauri is Diljit Dosanjh who looks more promising compared to Varun whose role in Badrinath seems replica of his earlier films. Varun seriously needs to take a break from comedy as he is now being typecast.


Release date: 29th March 2017
Genre: Animation
Running Time:100min
Language: English with Arabic Subtitles
Finally the month closes with another one of my childhood favorite Smurfs. This is not the third installment in Smurf series instead this time we have a reboot and we see a complete computer animated film which is how it should have been from the beginning.

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