Sunday, March 26, 2017

Power Rangers - Short Movie Review

By:Hamza Shafique

Desi Ratings: 3/5 stars
Let’s get our expectation right before we go for Dean Israelite’s Power Rangers. This movie appears to be for Kids and early Teens only. I know there are times when a kid’s film like Harry Porter or Ice Age appeals to grown up audience as well but this might not be the case here, so if you are planning for this film and don’t have kids or any childhood affiliation with Power Rangers franchise I will suggest to leave this one.

Now as we have expectations aligned let us quickly review the film. Film is based on famous TV Power Ranger franchise which is about a team of super heroes made of five young individuals with unique personalities. This film seems like an attempt to start a franchise as here we see how these five teenagers from different backgrounds get together, become friends, learn their powers and eventually save Earth by defeating evil Rita. Story line is simple and crisp with a lot of good elements that Kids today can learn and benefit from.  
As Far as Action sequences are concerned, Power ranger is packed with thrilling and fresh action sequences. Especially the grand action sequence in the end does excite and is engaging till very end. My only concern is, apart from end action sequence rest of the action is mostly choreographed in dark surroundings and If the target audience is kids/teens then well-lit situations would have been more appropriate.
Creative aspect of the production including direction and screenplay is also very decent. All the characters have depth and are very well written except for the villain who is just there to conclude the film. I enjoyed RJ Cyler as an autistic Blue ranger and Dacre Montgomery does stand out as a leader in his version of Red ranger.
CGI used is quite mediocre and at times with camera movements creates a rather blur effect which makes it hard for the audience to follow. If there are future installments planned, then I would like to see more investment in CGI and a better written villain, who would be an integral part of the story and not just to wrap up the film. This franchise has potential if there is right investment.
Overall this film doesn’t stand up to the super hero film standards created by Marvel/DC but if you limit your expectations it does become a fun one time watch. I go with 3 stars