Monday, February 26, 2018

Desi Bites - 26 Feb 2018

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

In this week's Desi Bites we have trailer review of the two upcoming films from Pakistan Film Industry, a recap of PSL season 3 2018 opening ceremony in Dubai and a small tribute to the legendary actress Sridevi whose untimely departure left all of us in shock and disbelief.

Sridevi’s Untimely Departure:

On 25th February morning I woke up to sad news that Bollywood's very first female super star and legendary versatile actress Sridevi passed away in our city Dubai because of cardiac arrest.
Sridevi was one of the few actresses to achieve success and fan following of epic proportions in Male dominant Hindi film industry. No Desi wedding was complete without her iconic “hathon mein nao nao chorian hai” song. Her iconic nagin dance in a white dress with blue eye contact lenses is still the reference point for such roles. Who can forget the girl in transparent rain coat with umbrella dancing in rain. My personal favorites movies of her are Chandni, Chaalbaaz, Lamhe, Mr.India, English Vinglish and her recent 2017 release Mom. Her screen presence, charisma and performance was second to none. we wish her a blessed after life and may her soul rest in peace.

PSL 2018 – Season 3 Opening Ceremony in Dubai:

On 22nd February Pakistan Super League opened to a grand ceremony at Dubai Cricket Stadium at Dubai Sports City. The opening ceremony was impressive and had all boxes checked of any successful sports event.
Event opened to an amazing performance by Ali Zafar where he launched trailer of his upcoming film “Teefa in Trouble”. He was flying all over the stadium, which was an incredible sight. we had team introductions, speeches by sponsors and PCB chairman followed by soulful performance by the legendary Abida Parveen. I wished organizers had given Abida jee a better stage to sit on as it felt like she was sitting on plain empty ground. Shehzad Roy’s performance was ok and Jason Derulo’s performance lacked energy and felt irrelevant. Hosting by Hareem Farooq and Bilal Ashraf was energetic and final PSL theme song performance by Ali Zafar had stardom written all over it. Ceremony closed with whole stadium bursting into fireworks, commemorating job well done. The light work throughout the ceremony was pretty neat and impressive.
Till 18th march matches will be held in Dubai and Sharjah cricket stadiums with one quarter final and semi-final being held in Lahore. Final match will be held on 25th March at National Stadium Karachi where renovations will complete by End of February to hold the event.

Cake and Teefa the new hopes for Pakistani Cinema:


Cake felt like Pakistani version of Kapoor & Sons, with too many similarities in terms of plot and characters, as shown in the trailer. The adorable grandfather in Kapoor and Sons has been replaced by a naughty mother in Cake, brothers have been replaced by sisters. Just like in Kapoor and Sons, grandfather’s sudden heart attack calls for an unwanted family re-union and then all hell break loose, we can see the application of similar theme here as well. Instead of grandfather, father is in ICU which calls for an untimely family reunion. Even the car and fight sequence shown in trailer between Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh appeared straight out of Kapoor and Sons. Having said that trailer looks really promising and overall look is intriguing. I have really enjoyed Sanam Saeed and Aamina Sheikh in Dam before on TV screen and I believe they can create the same magic, this time on silver screen as well.

Teefa in Trouble:

Marketing team of Teefa in Trouble is doing wonders, starting with the stage performance of Ali Zafar and Maya Ali at an award night to releasing of trailer during PSL Season 3 opening ceremony, well done team marketing.This film is destined to be a block buster. Ahsan Rahim the director of this project has some of my favorite music videos on his credit (my all-time favorite being Abrar ul Haq’a Preeto). Apart from “Total Siyapa” I have loved Ali Zafar in each and every film of his. He is clearly THE STAR in Pakistan show biz world today. From the teaser it appears to be a Rohit Shetty style Action Comedy. Ali Zafar does look like Jackie Chan trying to impersonate John Travolta and Shah Rukh Khan at the same time but still no doubt he looks like a Rockstar. Trailer opens with Javed Sheikh asking about Teefa and then very next moment we see Ali Zafar jumping on the walls of Lahore, dancing with Maya Ali in the streets of Europe and some more action/car chase sequences later we see title “Teefa in Trouble” adorned with animated roses. Super excited for this. But really hope Ali Zafar to get rid of his signature squinted eye look for this one.

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