Sunday, February 18, 2018

Desi Bites - Feb 2018

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

For this week's Desi Bites I will discuss "Dar Si Jati Hai Sila " drama serial evolution, few words to honor the amazing work of veteran actor Qazi Wajid and overall review of multiple teasers and trailers released recently for Movies based on Comic Books.

Dar Si Jati Hai Sila - Episode No 15

I stopped watching the show after 4 episodes as the storyline was stalling. However performances were good and subject matter was engaging so I decided to pay it a visit again and tuned in for Episode 15. Usually when I do this for a TV serial, it takes me a while to understand how the story has evolved but to my surprise for Dar Si Jati Hai Sila, I didn’t struggle with the story line at all. It seemed as if nothing happened in the last 11 episodes or even if something has happened it had no significant connection to the story line. There are some serious pacing issues with this show. On the other hand, Episode 15 was very entertaining and happening. we see Joey getting married and Sadia (Mother of Sila ) has also tried to commit suicide but got saved. I wonder what took her so long as her characters’ natural evolution curve predicts a similar action but may be in 5th episode, when her husband rejects her. Any way I will start watching it from now onwards and keep u guys posted on what happens. And if you haven’t seen this one so far, I will suggest to start, it is available legally from the channel on Youtube. It has awesome performances by the principal cast and the subject its addressing is also very important. But I will suggest after first 4 episodes jump straight to 15, believe me you will not miss a thing.

The Qazi Wajid Departure:

11th Feb 2018 is the dark day for Pakistani TV industry. One of its pioneer and face of PTV, Qazi Wajid passed away at the age of 87. Qazi Wajid was one of the most familiar face of Pakistani House hold. I grew up watching his shows. His versatility knew no bound. He had very distinctive peculiar style but every character that he did, looked different from the other. He was last seen in Sang-E-Mar Mar on Hum TV. May he have a blessed after life.

Comic Cinematic Explosion:

In last couple of weeks, we got an overload of teasers and trailers of upcoming comic book based movies. Honestly its getting repetitive, overwhelming and boring now. I am happy with the fact that every movie from this genre in recent past has been good, different and enlightening (even the DC ones) but excess of everything is always bad. Let’s have quick review of the trailers recently released.

Not impressed at all, first of all where is venom in the teaser trailer. Secondly trailer seemed very late 90s early 2000ish, never a good sign but for now I am really enjoying 1.16 memes, check few on link below.

In the trailer Ryan Reynold says that’s just lazy writing and exactly that’s what I thought after watching the trailer. I mean enough of superman mustache jokes. Everything felt very Justice League style, not a good sign again. On top of that to compete with Avengers Infinity War in May. God help the business as well.

Avengers Infinity War (Big Game Spot):
People at Marvel and Disney know how to do comic book magic on screen. Last week we got a small 31 seconds only, second trailer of Avengers Infinity War movie and man it was pure bliss. It satisfied the nerd in me to core.
Even within just 31 seconds, all 21 super heroes got their screen time (also it didn’t feel rushed), along with that we have perfect ending stare from Thanos, Super excited for this one. This film surely will be the event of the year.

Ant-Man and the Wasp:
This trailer left me confused, as this film is coming after Infinity War yet it felt like as if it’s continuing from the events of civil war. we didn’t get to see Ant-Man or Wasp in infinity war trailer also but when I checked Wikipedia page, Paul Rudd as Ant-Man is mentioned there among the cast to my relief. The best moment in civil war was undeniably when Ant-Man becomes a giant and fans would love to have some of that in Infinity War as well.
Coming back to the trailer, it’s exciting especially the knife Wasp sequence. I am excited for this one as well but my only worry is, will it be able to live up to the expectations after infinity war as its coming in just 2 months after and that too with a confused timeline.

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