Saturday, February 24, 2018

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety - Movie Review (1.5/5 Stars)

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, is just like its name, a confusing mess. I usually don’t mind plot holes as long as the whole experience is entertaining but this Luv Ranjan directorial feels like a plane taxiing on run way ready to take off but never really does.
Plot is simple and has nothing new to offer, we have seen similar story lines multiple times before, where a protagonist is trying to break a marriage through simple situational manipulation and some of them are my favorite like “Dilwale Dulhanya Lay Jaengay” and “Mere Brother Ki Dulhan”.

As evident from trailer, Sweety and Titu are getting married but for some reason Sweety is an evil person and not good for Titu but he is way too in love to see that. Now it's up to Sonu to make him realize that and break this wedding. It’s a basic bromance vs romance war and that’s the only new element here.
There are few basic flaws in the screenplay, firstly screenplay doesn’t address the fact that why Sweety is not good for Titu. We never really get to see that except only in one scene, Sweety comes up to Sonu and tells her that she is chalu (this word can be interpreted in many ways, like cunning, characterless, clever etc. none which explains why she is not good for his equally chalu friend). In the two movies which I have mentioned earlier, main motive to break the wedding was the protagonist’s love for the one getting married. but here we see an over possessive friend trying to break a marriage with no apparent reason. At one point, I started to believe that their relationship is may be more than just friends and we will get the big reveal in the end (Dostana sort). Apart from this, writing is also not very inconsistent and simply lazy, most of the scenes try to mimic standup comedy type acts from Pyar Ka Punchnama but fail to create the same atmosphere. Let’s talk positives now which are few but there. There are few good genuine laugh out loud moments. Also, screenplay doesn’t drag overall, which is an achievement considering the fact that screenplay is flawed from the story telling perspective.
Acting from principal and supporting cast, both is good here and help survive this ordeal. It was fun to see Alok Nath as an adorable foul mouthed unapologetic grandfather which is completely opposite to his usual sansakari (cultured) father roles. 
Music is good, songs individually are catchy but as a whole album for movie are not appropria. Usually there is only one dance rap type song in whole film but here every song is like that, which gets annoying after a while. we all know excess of everything is bad and that’s exactly what happens here. I remember when the Luk Mera Hit song came, I said to myself , thank god one appropriate song.

Luv Ranjan’s direction is ok but with a screenplay that’s hard to digest and offers very less in the name of entertainment, I believe there was nothing he could have done. Story is his own so I will suggest he should focus more on direction and let actual writers do the story work.
Overall an unconvincing story, told in a very bland manner with very few good fun moments. If you enjoy bikini clad young women dancing on Punjabi numbers for no reason and some beeped out misogynist jokes then go for it, otherwise I don’t see any reason to waste money here. I go with 1.5 stars only.


  1. Its quite good..No big reason to give 1.5...Songs are likable to everyone(Source:YouTube) and people liked it(Source:IMDB)..I realize that its your personal opinion.

    1. thanks for feedback..... i did mention songs are catchy and film doesnt drag.... but yes its what i felt after watching film overall..... thanks again for visit