Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Pepsi Battle of the Bands - Season 3 Episode 2 Review

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Episode 2 had some more auditions where few bands again stood out from the crowd. Also, final reveal of the selected Top8 bands was also added in the end in a typical elimination style from any talent show and what a shocker it was. The band Dhool which Meesha Shafi called hidden gem and discovery did not make it to the final top 8. Dhool’s Nukta was my top choice from the episode as well.  

But when you review the Top8 bands you will realize Judges have tried to keep all the unique bands, no two bands are alike as per qualities explained very well by the judges at the end of the episode. So naturally Dhool was playing in the same field as Khamaj and Judges were any way under pressure from last season to keep Khamaj in. So, I believe if we make enough noise may be Dhool will get a chance next season.
Top 3 from the bands that auditioned in Episode 2 are as follows:

Taare by 21 The Band:

Pakistani bands tend to get to serious classic rock type of music a lot, we need bands which are more fun and youthful. Taare by 21 The Band was exactly that, it reminded me of Noori’s first album and if they continue to maintain the style then vocals and their compositions appear super strong.

Taara Jala by Kaghaz:

Composition lacked the variation required to engage the listener, but the strong female vocals covered for all the shortcomings very well. I have never heard a female cover this song before so it was very pleasant.  

Bolo Bolo by Déjà vu:

I loved the laidback, lazy style of music by Déjà vu. Reminded me of Johnny Cash for a moment in the beginning. The transition from lazy mode to more energetic one was abrupt and was highlighted by Fawad Khan as well. But style of composition and vocals made it overall enjoyable.
List of Top 8 Bands:

  • Xarb
  • Sarmasta
  • Kaghaz
  • 21 The Band
  • Tamaasha
  • Bayaan
  • Khamaj
  • Déjà vu
My favorite from the Top 8 are Xarb and 21 The Band, Let the battle begin.

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