Sunday, July 22, 2018

Teefa In Trouble - Movie Review (3.5/5 stars)

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

Teefa In Trouble is no doubt one of the finest films to come from Pakistan film industry. Technically it's a very strong film and can compete with any 100-crore budget masala entertainer from Bollywood. It slightly suffers from the makers ambition like most Pakistani films these days but is definitely entertaining and worth watching in cinema.

Film revolves around Teefa, a muscle for hire played by Ali Zafar who strongly believes that money is everything in today's world and works for local politician Butt Saheb. Who later hires him to bring Anya played by Maya Ali from Poland to be his son's bride but guess what, Teefa falls in love with her, shocker right. Now Teefa has to choose between love and money and I am sure there are no surprises there either, you can easily guess but I will still suggest to go to a cinema near you to find out.

Screenplay is light and fun but inconsistent. At times the pacing is perfect, humor is spot on and dialogues are witty but then there are moments very few but still they are there, where it gets repetitive, slows down and loses its grip. This film could have lived better with short action sequences, one less car chase sequence and overall shorter screen time nevertheless it's still one of the best screenplay from Pakistan film industry in recent times.
Performances are fun and over all convincing. Ali Zafar's squinted eyes over smart act prolongs than required but as soon as he loses it we get some solid moments from him. Maya Ali's performance is also consistent and enjoyable. Both have decent screen presence and it helps. Rest of the cast is good and does well with in their scope but no doubt this is Ali Zafar's extravaganza and he shines through. AIi Zafar's makeup could have been done better as his forced tan skin along with squinted eyes act were distracting and not in a good way.

Music is one of the strongest element of this Ali Zafar spectacular. His voice along with good composition is always magical and this magic has been used perfectly here. Chan Ve is my most favorite followed by item number. Music will definitely last longer with you than the whole production. Finally, some decent choreography with clean execution from a Pakistani film which also help make the musical moments more memorable.
Ahsan Rahim's direction is pure gem, I have always loved his music videos and his talent echoes here as well. His direction along with amazing cinematography where Poland looks divine, covers for all the flaws of screenplay.

As I mentioned earlier this film generally suffers from makers ambition like most Pakistani films, recent example was “7 Din Mohabbat In”, where makers wanted to use graphics regardless of narrative's requirement which turned their climax into a boring mess. Here also I guess Ali Zafar wanted to appear as larger than life action hero regardless of plot requirement and it resulted in long boring action sequences especially at the end where I cried please no more action sequence. But I guess this would be nitpicking and regular audience will not even notice it.Overall a very fun time at cinema, I go with 3.5 stars.