Friday, July 27, 2018

Why Mr. Khan

By Hamza Shafique (Instagram / Facebook)

I have lived all my life in Middle Eastern countries as an overseas Pakistani, that is why my connection to my home land is not that strong. And as far as politics is concerned all I could remember from childhood is that I hail from the family of Jialas (term used for avid supporters of Bhutto), Bhutto senior’s picture used to be in our living room with PPP flag always flying on the roof of our house and in one election may be the 93 one, I sat awake all night with my grandfather counting which party is winning. 

My real introduction to Pakistan and its politics happened when I came for my engineering in 2003. By this time my mindset was established as such that Benazir, Zardari and Shareef’s are all corrupt, that’s why whenever I used to see wall chalking in my city saying “ Bibi ko lana hai , Mulk bachana hai” I would ask myself how someone with sane mind still support a person who has been ousted on corruption charges. During university time my naive self would from time to time get into political discussion supporting Musharraf and still wonder how someone can still support Pakistan’s evil exes. Since 2007 PPP and PMLN both have had terms in power full of scandals like Swiss Zardari and Panama Shareef accounts further firming my belief in the corruptness of these political dynasties. In between we also heard that Musharraf has formed a political party called All Pakistan Muslim League, as soon as I heard I changed my display picture to his party eagle sign, on Facebook to show my support (that’s what overseas Pakistanis with limited resources can do) but he had too much baggage and a case of treason. Amidst all that we saw “Lahore Jalsa” by Imran Khan and how tide turned in his favor. All of a sudden, this guy was hot topic on every news channel. This time before changing my display picture I thought to review this not so new guy’s profile. I still consider myself naïve when it comes to politics but one thing that I am certain now is why I support Mr. Khan.

Money, Power and Fame:

For a corrupt soul, the main reasons to enter the realm of politics are Money, Power and Fame. Imran Khan has seen and lived it all. Born in a considerable well of family, married to the daughter of one of the richest family from UK, an illustrious sports career and a lavish larger than life, lifestyle. When compared to Zardaris and Shareefs, you can see that their only element of prominence is their political careers, without that they are nothing. Even their political careers are not their own one had a strong Father in law and the other had a strong Father in boots whereas Imran Khan’s political success is connected to his own 22 years of struggle. 

When top Hollywood actresses were after Imran Khan, Nawaz Shareef was using his Prime Minister ship to attract women. When Imran was having lunch and dinners with the monarchs of British world, Zardari was trying to tie the knot with Benazir to have some space in the power houses of the world. He had it all before stepping into the world of politics. In fact, he has lost most of it now, who would like to leave the comfortable beds of Goldsmith residence and sleep on road in summer heat protesting drone attacks. The only motivation, that I can think of, is his love for Pakistan and that’s it, nothing else.

Sincerity and Dedication:

His profile is full of achievements as a philanthropist and an athlete, but his three main achievements are World Cup, Cancer Hospital Research Center and Namal Knowledge City. What we learn from all these three achievements is that when he has a target he has this amazing ability to focus all his energies and efforts in achieving it and he continues to struggle till he achieves the main goal. 

Pakistan badly needs an honest leader with this quality. I know he will not get it right in one go but he will keep on trying till Pakistan gets there and this is all Pakistanis need from their leader. A promise that he will be honest and sincere in his efforts toward Pakistan.

I remember when I was in my primary school (early 90s) in Jhelum I got a badge that said “Imran's Tiger” for selling 10 tickets worth 100 rupees part of fund raising for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital. I really hope that his tenure as Prime Minister is what we expect from him so once again I can wear that badge proudly.


  1. Amazing article on an amazing personality.He's educated.I have full faith in him.And he genuinely looks like a good human being love for IK and wish him All the best

  2. Thank you for the insight. I hope IK is good for the country.