Monday, April 3, 2017

Around the world at Global Village

By : Hamza Shafique

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Last weekend we went again to Global Village with family visiting from UK. Me and my Family Love Global village and it is the first place that we take our guests to. Global Village has a lot to offer and in almost every element possible in the entertainment zone. We decided to make a list of things we like about this season so that you all can make most of it before it closes for the season in just 4 days.

Pavilion’s designs:

Global Village seems like a grand scale art gallery. Every Pavilion is designed to represent the country in its most traditional form. Some of the Clusters are simply outclass. Winner for me is Iran pavilion followed by Egypt. Both represent their history in the authentic way, Egypt has the replica of famous pharaoh era Abu Simbel temple entrance and Iran depicts the Iconic golden bearded Human-headed winged bull from Neo-Assyrian era. 


You don’t have to wait for new year or public holidays for fireworks. In Global Village, every Friday 9:00 PM there is a spectacular firework display. To get the full view of the fireworks and a better photography point wait for it across the lake in front of the fantasy island (where all the rides are)

Concerts and Performances:

Where can you get international star for a price of 15 dirhams, this season we attended Sunidhi Chauhan, Mika Sing and Atif Aslam concerts. This Friday which is the last Friday of this season there is Farhan Akhter performance scheduled, so don’t miss out the last cost effective concert of the season. Please come as early as 7:00 PM to secure a prime location in front of the stage and avoid car parking problems. This time I heard they will have a separate section for women and children which will help improve the crowd management during the concert. Crowd management is a big challenge when a big star is coming and Global Village authorities need to work on this aspect. Apart from concerts there is always some sort of performance going around in different pavilions and on the main stage as well.

African Pavilion:

Africa is one of the most authentic pavilion in terms of products, interior outlook and performances it offers. I simply love vibrant and energetic loud African dance performances which start from 9:40 onward. The whole pavilion is full of shops selling African wooden handicrafts and unique African style paintings. I bought wooden masks for my living room and wanted to buy a lot more stuff but couldn’t as my home is already over flowing with such stuff. The prices are very reasonable but still bargaining is a must.  

The place is so big that one simply cannot cover everything in one visit which leaves this element of discovery with every visit to Global Village. Last weekend we found out, this amazing handmade ice-cream in Afghanistan cluster. The guy literally added milk inside the container and after 15 minutes of shakes/turns converted it into Ice cream, taste of which was like Kulfi.  A selfie in front of the perfect replica of Taj Mahal at entrance is a must aswell . Global Village is a must visit for Desis (South Asians) as it offers affordable entertainment with great experience just how we like it. 

Photography is by Hamza Shafique
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  1. Nice article and amazing pics.Will definitely visit this place when we visit Dubai.

    1. Thankyou for your feedback....keep visiting the page

  2. Nice post! I loved the pictures of Global Village Dubai. I was actually looking for good places to spend winters with my wife. Dubai fit the bill. I will definitely get a Dubai Visa from UK and surprise my wife with an international vacation.