Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Sang-e-Mar Mar - Drama in Focus

By: Hamza Shafique

Regardless of what our politicians say but some things are reality. Bollywood films are famous across the border and similarly Pakistani dramas are also loved beyond boundaries. The proof of this is Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, the lead of Hum TV network drama serial “Humsafar” getting projects with Bollywood’s big names like Shahrukh Khan and Dharma productions.
Hum TV network has an official YouTube channel which makes it possible to watch legally it’s productions anywhere in the world. Pakistani dramas now a day have become repetitive and seems like following the pattern of Indian soaps. The protagonist is always very high on morals and antagonist is always the evilest being on earth. The balance of both that makes us human is usually missing but Sang-e-Mar Mar is different.

I have recently finished watching Sang-e-Mar Mar online and to me this is Hum TV’s one of the best production till date. This production can be used in drama school to teach the students. This Drama can be used to teach actors how to breath the characters on screen, writers how to write characters closer to reality, directors on how to pack the twists throughout the screenplay effectively, cinematographers to use given space effectively etc. In fact, any department related to art of drama can learn a thing or two from this production.
I was thinking how to describe the story but couldn’t make up my mind. It’s not a 100% revenge story neither is a love story. It shows the strong bond of friendship but also has the element of betrayal. It’s a mix of everything just like our real lives where we experience bits and pieces of every emotion throughout. Each character is neither 100% evil nor 100% good. Characters are very human and respond just like you and I would in the situation given.

Sania Saeed as Shamim
It’s about two families living in northern areas of Pakistan and is set in Pathan culture, where women are always veiled and honor killing is still acceptable. I will not reveal much of the story and will let you experience it yourself.
Every element like direction, acting, acting dialogues etc. is not less than perfect. The beauty of northern areas is captured well within the limited scope of a drama serial. Camera frames have been used in very creative manner that even haveli (mansion) and its rooms add to the visual intensity of the scenes.

Uzma Hasan as Banno
Special mention for the talents of Sania Saeed and Uzma Hasan, they both have done an exceptional job. Sania Saeed’s portrayal of Ama Shameem, an old lady is so convincing that you will not believe that this character is actually performed by a young woman and not some 60-year-old. Uzma Hassan as Banno, a nasty complexed woman, brings the right level of menace on screen that you will start to hate her and will continue to hate her till last episode. Helped with intense dialogues and direction, they both will glue you to screens. Another memorable performance is of actress portraying scheming sister in law named 'Pari'. Acting is the most impressive aspect of this drama serial; everyone has delivered their part with sheer sincerity and deserve all accolades this year.

Overall a great drama serial that tells the story of real people and their struggle toward elements of love, revenge and honor, packed with great acting, surprising twists, memorable dialogues and striking culture of northern areas of Pakistan. Highly recommended, go check out their You Tube channel now.

You Tube Channel: Hum TV


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