Monday, April 10, 2017

Hindi Medium - Trailer Review

If a person has good command of English language, we Desis automatically assume that he/she belongs to an elite or educated back ground. This mentality has developed over hundreds of years of British colonialism and now everyone want his kid to be English Bao (gentleman). In my part of the world English language still defines a person’s class, just like the times of British Raj.  I may sound a hypocrite when I say this subject is very close to my heart, knowing that I write in English about the content that is mostly in Hindi/Urdu but I am honestly bothered by this fact which Saba Qamar rightly says in the trailer that it’s not a language it’s a Raj(royal) class.

Couple of years back we saw in Gauri Shinde’s “English Vinglish” a mother who feels less important only because she doesn’t know English. The main reason for success of “English Vinglish” was this subject, which we all could easily relate to. In “Hindi Medium” director Saket Chaudhry seems to have worked around the same subject. we get Irfan khan and Saba Qamar as parents of a young girl, who are desperate to get their daughter in a good English medium school. In the trailer, we see them visiting five-star hotel like school facilities and trying different things like getting a rich to poor makeover just so that they can apply on different quota schemes for their daughter. Trailer does have couple of funny moments and the message of the film is clearly visible as well. This film seems like a satire on today’s school system and unintentional class system created by this language, which still very much exists among us. what makes it even more interesting is the fact that it’s based on true events. last time I saw Saba Qamar was in ARY Network drama serial “Besharam” where she impressed the audience as a devoted model turn housewife and in this trailer, she again seems in her prime. As a matter of fact, she overshined Irfan khan at places, who is also in his usual best. I am excited about the film and hope this film deals with this subject sensibly. 

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